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Friday, March 28, 2014

Cardenia - Memory (1994)

I was just updating Cardenia's page on and thought, why not share their one and only album with ya'll?  It is perfect for the blog, and I haven't featured any good, old-fashioned euro-house in some time.  Surprisingly, in this day and age, there is little info on the group online.  But it was one of many one-off side projects of the German production duo behind Masterboy, one of euro-house's biggest successes, so I guess there isn't much to tell anyway.  The vocalist for the group was Viola Engler (not entirely sure that she's the lady on the cover, however), who was assisted by rapper Wayne Dallaway.  The name of the album was perfect, as it was almost exclusively filled with remakes of popular HiNRG and synth-pop classics, thus great memories, though the first single, "Toccata", was based on the Bach composition. This was followed by single releases of remakes of  "Living On Video" by Trans-X (the vocals on this are different and are rumoured to be by Masterboy's vocalist Trixi Delgado), "Passion" by The Flirts and "Happy Station" by Fun Fun.  The rest of the album consisted of remakes of Vangelis' "Pulstar", Roni Griffith's "Desire", Valerie Dore's "The Night", Koto's "Visitors" and Laura Branigan's version of Raf's "Self Control", as well as a couple of originals.  Of course, I love euro-house AND HiNRG, and adore the originals of all of the songs, so this album provided amazing memories for me, and hopefully will for you too, or will at least introduce you to some great old songs.

Download Memory

1 Intro
2 Living On Video
3 Passion
4 Pulstar
5 Happy Station
6 Visitors
7 Desire
8 The Night
9 Self Control
10 Passion (Ragga Remix)
11 Living On Video (Hyper Space Mix)
12 Outro
13 Toccata
14 Let The Bass Control Your Mind
15 Trigger Baby

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