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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Don't Talk Dance - Don't Talk, Dance! (1995)

Don't Talk Dance was a one-off project from three members of three successful (at the time) Canadian bands - Chris Brown Of Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar, and Tyler Stewart of Barenaked Ladies.  Though I was far from a fan of the latter two groups, I must admit I was curious about this album at the time.  To my surprise I ended up enjoying it as it is a funky jam session, and includes some really good and fun remakes like Madonna's "Into The Groove", Cameo's "Word Up", and Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" (which is actually track #77 on the album, after 64 blank mini-tracks).  The whole thing was basically a joke, according to Chris Brown.  It seems the boys used to hang out at a big house in Toronto and party with several friends, many of whom were also musicians.  The partying would eventually and obviously turn into a jam session, and many of these tracks were born at these parties, which explains the loose groove of the album.  The guys decided they should perform these tracks at a club, and thanks to the popularity of their groups, especially Barenaked Ladies, they even managed a record deal with Warner Music.  A live concert was held at Toronto's Ultrasound Showbar, and most of the album was recorded at that concert, though some songs were touched up or rerecorded. The record was promoted mainly as a solo outing for the Ladies' Stewart, though it really didn't gain much popularity.  (The boys were thoughtful enough to donate some of the proceeds to the Basset/Falk Cancer Research Foundation.)  Of course, they never planned for the band to be huge, and they still had their main bands to fall back on, which they did.  Since then Stewart has been recording and touring with the Ladies, while Johnson has continued on with Big Sugar and fellow 90s Canadian band Wide Mouth Mason.  Brown has released solo work as well as albums with fellow BTC member Kate Fenner, who also appears on this album.

Video for Theme From DTD

Download Don't Talk, Dance!

1 Theme From DTD
2 The Ketchup Song (Digable Potatoes Mix)
3 Jake's Rant
4 You've Been Instrumental
5 Funky Dollar Bill
6 Sweet Beets
7 Theme From Sanford And Son
8 Word Up
9 Fred And Barney Miller
10 Into The Groove
11 Bold As Love
12 Zap Beets
13 Dreams


  1. Thanks so much for posting this... I only have it on cassette and wanted a digital copy for a long time. The Ketchup Song has been stuck in my head all weekend so I went looking for it again and found your site. Love this album.

  2. The link expired.

  3. hi, i was in love with this album 22 years ago and am dying for a copy or a rip. the d/l link isn't valid could you re-up or email/share etc.