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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

E Gee - E Gee (1996)

Thanks to a request, I recently became aware of E Gee.  I had never heard of her and was intrigued.  Unfortunately, after MUCH internet searching, I still know nothing about her. I did manage to find her album online, however, and just received it and had to share, as always.  The most that I can tell you is that she released one single, "Butterfly Me", the video for which was produced by actor Blair Underwood and got some play on BET.  And the album was produced and co-written by Motown creator Berry Gordy's son Kerry.  Despite video play, "Butterfly Me", a mid-tempo R&B number, did not become a hit.  There are a few other mid-tempo R&B tracks on the album, as well as a few upbeat dance songs like "I've Gotta Dance" and a remake of The Supremes classic "You Keep Me Hangin' On". And the remix of "Butterfly Me" is also an upbeat hip-house tune, which includes male rappers and, oddly, not even a hint of E Gee's vocals.  Unfortunately the CD I ordered did not come with the booklet, which I failed to notice until after I placed my order.  If it had, I'm sure I would have discovered some useful information in it in order to find out more about E Gee.  But since it didn't, we are all left in the dark regarding E Gee's story, unless someone else, perhaps E Gee herself, come across this post and kindly fills us in.  Until then, enjoy!

Download E Gee

1 Butterfly Me
2 I Can't Turn You Down
3 Warm And Wet
4 Butterfly Me (Belizian Interlude)
5 Up And Down
6 Up And Down (Interlude)
7 You Keep Me Hangin' On
8 Down And Dirty
9 I've Gotta Dance
10 Butterfly Me (Da Lo Rex Remex)

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