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Friday, June 15, 2018

Love To Infinity - Classic Paradise (1998)

Love To Infinity are well known remixers and producers, having remixed everyone from Celine Dion to Grace Jones to Madonna to Shania Twain to Michael Jackson, etc.  While their remix work hasn't been as prodigious as it was in their 1990s and 2000s heyday, they are still on the scene, most recently producing Camille's current Billboard Dance chart hit "Choose Hope". It was this song that made me seek out their only album, which I am sharing with you now.  Brothers Andy, Pete and Dave Lee formed the group in 1992.  Their work as remixers began soon after, with one of their first most notable remixes being Michael Jackson's "They Don't Care About Us". At the same time, they formed a musical act, bringing in soulful singer Louise Bailey. They released a couple of singles in 1993, "Somethin' Outta Nothin'" and "Saviour".  Both received little attention.  However, the next year their remix of Melanie Williams' "All Cried Out" became a hit, and they were in demand.  The following year they released "Keep Love Together", and it became a dance smash, as well as reaching #38 on the UK pop charts.  Their follow up singles "Someday" and "Pray For Love" also hit the UK charts at #75 and #69, respectively. An album was recorded, but the diminishing chart positions kept the label from releasing it, and by 1997 Bailey was no longer a part of the act.  The album did finally get a two CD release in Japan in 1998.  The boys then focused on remixing and producing full time, only releasing two more singles as Love To Infinity, "No Apology' with Loleatta Holloway in 1995 and a remake of CeCe Peniston's "Finally" featuring Charlotte Day in 2005.  Luckily we have this one amazing house album of their original work, very upbeat and of its time.

Video for Keep Love Together

Video for Pray For Love

Download Classic Paradise

1 Keep Love Together
2 No Apology
3 Pray For Love
4 Someday
5 Build Me Up
6 Love's Got A Hold
7 Burnin Up
8 Back To The Love
9 Somethin Outta Nothin
10 Surrender
11 Don't Turn Away
12 Let The Music Play
13 Keep Love Together '98
14 Early Warning
15 I Can't Hold Back
16 Pray For Love (Morales 12" Mix)
17 Someday (CJ Mackintosh Mix)
18 Keep Love Together (Red Leader Mix)
19 Someday (Johnny Vicious Mix)
20 Build Me Up (5th Circuit Mix)
21 No Apology (Blue Ikon Mix)
22 Keep Love Together (Classic Paradise Part 2)


  1. LOVE THIS ALBUM! Still have the CD I had to get imported many years ago <3

  2. Fantastic album, thanks for this one!!

  3. Yay! One of my favorite remixers of the 90s the did some solids for Gloria Estefan and even Reba McEntire.