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Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Day Zs - The Day Zs (1990)

The Day Zs were the brainchild of former lead singer of The Time, Morris Day. It seems that once he left Prince's fold, he wanted to follow The Purple One's example of Vanity 6 and Apollonia 6 and create a girl group of his own. The Day Zs were more of a band, however, as they played all of their own instruments. He chose Cheri Wells to front the band and with good reason - she was once known only as Cheri from the original line-up of Rick James' girl group, Mary Jane Girls. The other members were Cecila Worrall, Kelli Gurman, Tiffanie Smith, and Shari Bender.  The music on this album is what you'd expect - pop-funk, like Klymaxx if they were all white girls. It's a surprisingly fun album ("Here I Am" is awesome IMO), with Mr. Day making a cameo appearance on the album. For some reason no one was interested in the group, however, and they never had a hit (only "Certainly" was released as a single) or another album. Most of the ladies have kept a low profile since, though Kelli Gurman, who previously had toured with Karyn White, went on to tour with the likes of Teena Marie and Christopher Cross, and collaborated with other artists.
She now records under the moniker Remi and released her first solo EP, A Taste Of Eden, in 2000 and two singles, "Chance Of Circumstance (Dance Of Life)" and "House Cleaning", in 2012.  And Cheri Wells rejoined the Mary Jane Girls in 2010 after former member Maxi asked her and two new members to join and tour, now calling themselves MJG.  Could a Day Zs reunion be far behind? ;)

Download The Day Zs

Average Girlz
Sunny Dayz
Here I Am
G. Me
Never Say Never
High Fashion
Green Acres
Our Luv
Totally In Luv


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