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Thursday, September 6, 2007

cc: DIVA - Yowusupwidat? (1988)

With an odd name like cc: Diva, it's not a surprise that this duo didn't make it very far in the pop world. "cc:" usually means carbon copy, doesn't it? So their name is really Carbon Copy Diva. And what better moniker to explain the music on this CD? Basically it's a copy of the Madonna clones, if not Madonna herself. Which in my books ain't a bad thing! (Correction from an anonymous poster: It actually apparently stood for Coat Check Diva, as lead singer Natalie was a coat check girl before she made her mark in the music world.) Very pop-funk, with a dash of freestyle. Pretty Poison on their less freestyle tracks is what comes to mind. A lot like Isle postee Candi as well. The album also includes a fun remake of the Friends Of Distinction hit from 1970 "Grazing In The Grass". The duo consisted of vocalist Natalie Bonelli and producer/instrumentalist Nayan, who apparently also produced acts like Evelyn "Champagne" King. ""I'll Always Follow You" was a dance hit in it's Shep Pettibone remixed form, as was the follow up "Searchin' For", but the group's profile wasn't high enough to really make any kind of dent in the music world. But Miss Bonelli carries on, with her own Myspace site and a song on the Dawson's Creek soundtrack. It's nice to know that this cc: Diva is still at it!

Video for I'll Always Follow You

Download Yowusupwidat?
I'll Always Follow You
Searchin' For
Got To Find A Way
Tenderly (Extended Version)
I Feel Alright
Now Is The Time
Grazing In The Grass
One And Only
Home Sweet Home
I'm Gonna Get To You
Make Room On The Calendar


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  2. cc diva did not stand for carbon copy
    it stands for Coat Check Diva, because miss natalie worked as a coat check girl in bostons hot night spot at the time, The Metro!

    She had been nicknamed the coat check diva b/c she was always entertaining! she was / is still FABULOUS

  3. she was awesome. i remember.

  4. What a gem! Very hard to find. Thanks a lot :)

  5. This record used to rock Lansdowne Street: CITI : 88/89. I even saw her perform this live. Great pop record, but there was much more in store for our little Natalie and she has evolved into a greater artist with a greater purpose. Google her up.

  6. She was still FABULOUS.

  7. Hi!can you please reupload this record ! Thanks in advance !

  8. Thank you! hTank you! For some reason I was thinking about this duo today. Sure wish the remixes of I'll Always Follow You, Searchin' For and, of course, Grazing In The Grass will one day be made available. :)

  9. Please re-upload!

  10. Just found a used autographed copy of their CD.

  11. please, re-upload!