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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Anna Marie - Anna Marie (1990)

Thanks to my dear and fabulous friend Bunny (aka Bomitoni on Blogger, the creator and my cohort on the Milk Carton Pop Stars blog), I am now able to share with you the work of one of my crown jewels of failed and unknown popstars, Anna Marie! A search for her profile on the internet reveals that Anna Marie (no last name) was born in New Jersey and began an acting career in 1947. Then after performing in concerts and recitals she recorded this, her first album, in 1955. During the 1960s she performed on stage and in 1972 performed in the Ballet Adiago. Then in 1991, she worked on Gerardo's album Mo' Ritmo, which included his hit "Rico Suave". In 1998 she released her second album, Spain Never Sleeps. The only problem is that this info seems like three or four "Anna Marie"'s combined. Looking at the cover of her 1990 debut album (though the description says it was released in 1955), either this info is wrong or she has a GREAT plastic surgeon if she began her career in 1947!!!! And the woman on the cover of 'Spain Never Sleeps' looks nothing like her. Perhaps this is all true with incorrect dates and bad photos, but it just adds to the 'mystery' of Anna Marie. Whatever the case, the album is a pure Michael Jay production (of Martika, Alisha and Eighth Wonder fame), with a few tracks by the Sembello brothers (known mostly for the Flashdance hit "Maniac"). Thus, it's innocuous dance-pop, easily digested and easily forgotten, like your last bon bon. Eat up!

UPDATE: An anonymous tipper let me know that her last name is Tumminia according to the writing credits, and indeed this name shows up in an internet search for several of the songs on this album, but I can still find nothing further on her as there are several women with that name. The search continues!

UPDATE #2:  FINALLY info on Anna Marie!  Thanks to an anonymous tipper I was given a link to her webpage, which includes her bio!  Here it is:

"Mrs. Matteo has been the Choral director at ETR for the past fourteen years.  She has been a professional vocalist for over 30 years, beginning her performance career in her childhood, as a member of her family band, "The Family Tree", on piano and vocals. 

Originally from New Jersey, Mrs. Matteo moved to Los Angeles California in her early twenties to pursue a recording career.  She is a former MCA recording artist having recorded her self-titled album: Anna Marie.  She has traveled all over the country and her single, "This Could Take All Night" reached 52 on the Billboard Top 100 in adult contemporary.  Television appearances included: Under 18, Not Admitted, Dancin' on Air, and the American Music Awards as background singer for  Wynona Judd.   Mrs. Matteo has also recorded jingles in the Philadelphia area: "Think" for Strawbridge and Clothier, Gertrude Hawk Chocolates, and others.  Mrs. Matteo currently is lead vocalist with her band, Evening Sun.

Mrs. Matteo holds a B.A. is Music Education from Rowan University, graduating Magna Cum Laude, and a Masters Equivalency certificate.  She is an accomplished oboist, having performed with the Bay Atlantic Symphony and Bel Canto Orchestra.

Mrs. Matteo currently resides in Springfield with her husband, Tim, and her daughter, Gianna."

Video for Recipe Of Love

Download Anna Marie

Tears Won't Put Out The Fire
Recipe Of Love
This Could Take All Night
Heaven's Not Far Away
Take The Time For Love
Take It From Me
The Language Of Love
He Loves Me Not
True Intentions


  1. I think those dates may be a bit off. But why don't you ask her for yourself...

    It sure looks like her to me.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! It does sort of look like her. But, I went to her official website and an article indicates she was 22 in 2003, which would have made her 9 years old when this album came out! She looked about 22 in 1990, so I doubt it's the same one... ;)

  3. You know what you're right...I didn't realize how young she looked in those pics. Maybe we can feature her on Milk Carton and do a whole NO HIT WONDER series...

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Definetly one of the odder mysteries of pop music - I'll have a dig around, see if i can't find something about her.

  6. I still play This Could Take All Night occasionally.

  7. Thank you so much for this album ! I have been looking for "This could take all night" for months !

  8. Thank you very much for this !

  9. If she released her first album in the fifties, how could she look that young?

    Maybe someone mis-wrote the information on her. Who knows?

    1. She was born after 1950, believe me. I would know, she is my aunt!

  10. Her last name is Tumminia, according to the liner notes of the single "This Could Take All Night". Hope that helps.

  11. Matteo is her last name.

  12. Consolecharlie/Dream101May 8, 2011 at 11:29 AM

    Hey Nasty G, I found her music video for Recipe of Love - Enjoy ;)

  13. Awesome! I've never seen this! Thanks!! Link is up. ;)

  14. She is my daughter's Music/Chorus teacher-
    The dates must be incorrect- she was in her 20's in the 90's.

  15. I went to grade school with this girl. Her name is Anna Marie Tumminia - she is from Southern New Jersey - I went to Aura Elementary School with her. She would currently in the year 2012
    be around 47 /48 years old. Very interesting....

  16. Hello! Could you re-upload this album please?

  17. She was my middle school chorus teacher! I remember one embarassing day when she showed us her music video in class....

  18. Can you re-load this album? Thank you!