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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Katey Sagal - Well... (1994)

You want another actress turned singer? OK. So, who knew that Peg Bundy was such an accomplished singer? Riding on the success of Married...With Children, Katey decided to record and release her debut album (I just found out from dear bomitoni that she had a follow-up called Room). Any fan of hers would have known that she previously was a backing singer for Bette Midler, part of Bette's Harlettes. So her singing chops should really come as no surprise. The album was produced by the legendary Rupert Hine, and is very Adult Contemporary. I liken it to Vonda Shepard, only much more bearable. A very pleasant listen, surprisingly soulful, and a lot like Olivia Newton-John's Soul Kiss album (the title track of which Katey sang back-up on). Of course, no one could really have thought that Peg Bundy would have a successful recording career. But thank goodness for those actresses who have the clout and voice to make it happen anyway!

Video for Can't Hurry The Harvest

Download Well...  

Thunderhead (I Just Wanted A Little Rain)
Can't Hurry The Harvest
Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid
That's How Love Goes
September Rain
All Is Well
Act Of Faith
I Don't Wanna Know
Don't Know How To Let You Go
Best Part


  1. she recorded a follow up in 2004 called 'Room'. She has a great voice.

  2. Damn! My research didn't reveal that! I prefer artists with only one album on here, but I do make exceptions. Must hear the other album sometime...

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  4. Excellent adult/pop-oriented release.Katey has a great voice...along with being one of the funniest women in TV history!

  5. I've been looking for this one FOREVER, but it looks like all the uploads are dead! Help!!!

  6. The Megaupload link was still working. I've cleaned it up so it goes directly to that. ;)

  7. hey there, do you have Katey's second album, 'Room'?