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Friday, October 5, 2007

Myra – Myra (2001)

Myra (aka Mayra Carol Ambria Quintana) was a Mexican American teen plucked by Disney for stardom. Sound familiar? It should, as Britney, Xtina, Justin and a load of others were also bred and molded by the Disney factory. Unlike her contemporaries, however, Myra failed to make any significant mark on the pop charts. Her song “Miracles Happen” appeared on the Princess Diaries soundtrack with the hopes it would grab a young audience for her. Her subsequent album consisted of what you’d expect, teen pop a la Britney, with a small dose of R&B flavour, produced by the usual pop producers of the time, most notably The Matrix. At the time of it’s release there were several other female teen pop stars jostling for attention (many of whom will also be featured here), and Myra was lost in the crowd. According to her Wikipedia entry (but not her Myspace page) Myra is releasing an album called “Hot” in November, with appearances by the likes of Gwen Stefani and T.I.. If so, the girl has a lucky second chance to make it work. Hopefully for her, “Miracles Happen”, cause she has a very steep hill to climb…

Video for Miracles Happen

Download Myra

Lie, Lie, Lie
Candy Boy
Like A Girl In Love
Miracles Happen (When You Believe)
Bye-Bye My Love
25 Hours A Day
Wishing On The Same Star
Dancing In The Street
Where You At?
Girls Like Boyz
As If
Hanging Up On You


  1. I have the Spanish version of this album! LOL. It's funny cause we were just talking about her the other day and were wondering what she was up to. thanks tigra!

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  3. You'll be happy to know that Myra is trying to make a career in the ghetto Reggaeton genre, being featured on the new compilation "La Cosa Nuestra" singing 3 songs on it. You an find it on iTunes. hahahaha

  4. I remember seeing her in the Max Keeble movie and her music videos, "Miracles Happen" (for the Princess Diaries movie), and "Dancing in the Street" (for the Recess: School's Out movie and translated into spanish for another DCOM movie, "Gotta Kick it Up.")

    I have two of her songs on my iPod:

    1.) 25 Hours a Day
    2.) Wishing on the Same Star

  5. I need more pics from her debut album

  6. I love the song miracles happen just downloaded it on my phone and I like the video I didn't no she passed away til today just wondering how and what happened to her

  7. Can you re-upload this album?

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Forever bowing to you and this amazing blog.

    2. Look up Myra on facebook and Instagram. Https:// && @myra_sparkles. She is working on new projects!!

  8. Hi!

    Its seems that the link no longer works. Can you please re-upload this album one more time? I really liked Myra and hate that I lost this cd because it's so rare to find these days...:(

  9. Myra is actually on the rise again! Her Wikipedia has been updated.

    her facebook is

  10. Do you have the spanish version of the album to upload it?

  11. Link is down. Could you re-upload this album? I've been looking for a copy of this album for a while.