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Friday, October 5, 2007

Amanda – Everybody Doesn’t (2001)

Like Myra, Amanda (aka Amanda Louisa Kretz Lameche) was a single (unoriginally) monikered teen looking to ride the wave of teen pop that was huge at the time. Amanda was born in France, but her musical growth was in Sweden, where hot pop/dance/R&B producers BAG & Arnthor (think Janet, J Lo and Mya) and Bloodshy (think Britney) took production duties on her debut. Her big break came when she was signed to Madonna’s Maverick label, and her big break ended soon after when all the hype around her failed to create any hits (the album’s title track lingered in the bottom of the Billboard Hot 100). (Interestingly, her sister Anais also pursued a pop career in the girl group Play, and they too failed to get much attention.) Like Myra, Amanda got lost in the dust of artists whose hype machine and image were much more powerful. And like Myra, Amanda was purportedly to release a new album in 2007, though it hasn't seen the light of day yet.

Download Everybody Doesn't

Everybody Doesn't
Can't Stop My Love
You Don't Stand A Chance
Not The One (For Me)
If I Open My Heart To You
Call Me
The Way I Am
No Pressure
Start It All Over
Crush On You
That's Right


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  2. I have three of her songs on my iPod:
    1.) Everybody Doesn't
    2.) If I Open Up My Heart To You
    3.) You Don't Stand a Chance (my fav!)

  3. can you please reupload this?

  4. can you please re-upload this

  5. Would be great to get this one re-upped again if possible!

  6. The link is expired. Can you re-up? :D