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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Apollonia - Apollonia 6 (1984) & Apollonia (1988) DOUBLE POST!!

Ah, Apollonia! This lady is one of the artists who started my obsession with sexy and cheesy girl pop (the first being the lady without whom 'Apollonia' would never have existed, the dearly departed Vanity). Everyone knows about Apollonia's history: Patricia Kotero auditioned for Prince to replace Vanity in Prince's camp, both in his girl group Vanity 6 aka Apollonia 6 (with Brenda Bennett and Susan Moonsie) and in his film, Purple Rain, and got the role. Apollonia 6 were not as revered as Vanity 6, but "Sex Shooter" (which was recorded by Vanity first) managed to be a minor hit.  The only other single, "Blue Limousine", did not. (Incidentally, The Bangles' "Manic Monday" and Sheila E.'s "The Glamorous Life", two huge Top Ten hits, were also intended for Apollonia 6, but Prince decided to not to go that route.  Listening to Apollonia's demo of "Manic Monday", he was likely right.) Once that gig ended, Apollonia went on to TV roles, most notably as a singer on Falcon Crest, and straight-to-video films. She also managed to release a solo album, thank goodness! The album retains a bit of Prince's funkiness, with a heavy dose of pop, thanks to production by Bobby Sandstrom, Steve Barri and Tony Peluso (who worked with acts like Tracie Spencer, Stacy Lattisaw and Isle postees Teen Dream). It also contains a few freestyle songs, such as the first two singles "Since I Fell For You", produced by Ish (Company B, Isle postee Shana), and "The Same Dream", produced by Ric Wake (Taylor Dayne, Mariah Carey). Overall, it is a lot of fun, with Apples' voice vastly improved since her Apollonia 6 days. But, alas, the album and none of the singles (which also included "Mismatch" and "For Your Love") were not a success, and it was Apollonia's last album. (A few years back Ish released an outtake from the Apollonia album, "Tunnel Of Love", which was a nice surprise.) Since then, Apollonia has kept busy behind the scenes in Hollywood. But would it be too much to ask for another funk-dance album, especially considering the current reverence for all things old-school Prince? With Vanity gone (RIP), Apollonia is our only hope!

Video for Sex Shooter

Parts ONE and TWO of a promo video for the album, including performances of Happy Birthday, Mr. Christian, Ooo She She Wa Wa, Sex Shooter and Blue Limousine.

Download Apollonia 6

1 Happy Birthday, Mr. Christian
2 Sex Shooter
3 Blue Limousine
4 A Million Miles (I Love You)
5 Ooo She She Wa Wa
6 Some Kind Of Lover
7 In A Spanish Villa

Video for Since I Fell For You

Live performance of Mismatch

Live performance of Your Eyes

Download Apollonia

Since I Fell For You
Your Eyes
The Same Dream
Am I Growing On U?
Beat Of My Heart
For Your Love
Help Wanted
Ay Ya Yai


  1. I actually OWN both the "Vanity 6" AND the "Apollonia 6" CDs, and have gone out of my way to get a few demos and rarities (can you say "Sex Shooter?")

    Thanks for the music reminder!

  2. Apollonia recently performed at the Bunny Foundation Charity L.A. that was created by Sheila E. ...other performers were Jill Jones, Wendy/Lisa, Time, & Shelia E. herself. All hosted by Carmen Electra. Apollonia only performed one song which was "Take Me With U" from Purple Rain. She is also the current lead singer of "The Twilights."

  3. I dont know why this album is so hard to get hold of as she is relatively well known! I've never actually heard this album so, again, would really appreciate a re-up. You are doing a great job over here!

  4. Hi do you have the 1984 album Apollonia 6 please?

    1. The post has been updated with it. ;)

  5. Is this Apollonia 6 download link safe? My laptop keeps blocking the download saying it can't do it because it's unsafe. :(

    1. It should be...I uploaded it myself.