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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sandée - Only Time Will Tell (1991)

Sandée (real name Sandra Casanas) was, and will likely always be, known primarily as a freestyle diva. Her first real success (aside from one solo freestyle hit, "You're The One") was as a member of X-Posed, a group of three girls brought together by producer Lewis Martinee. X-Posed recorded a couple of singles, and then were renamed Exposé. Unfortunately for Sandée and the other two members, Martinee wasn't happy with the line-up and dumped all three. Of course, the new version of Exposé would go on to great success. But Sandée carried on, with the residue of fame afforded her by her Exposé connection helping her get a major label deal. She released the freestyle single "Notice Me", produced by super-hot Clivillés and Cole, and it's house remix became a huge dance hit. This led to Sandée's first and only album. The album is a mix of freestyle and house, produced primarily by freestyle producer Elis Pacheco. It is mostly upbeat and danceable, with Sandée's pleasant vocals in the spotlight. The choice for first single, the Justify My Love clone "Love Desire", was perhaps the worst choice the label could have made, however, as it hardly reflected the rest of the album. The single pretty much tanked, killing Sandée's momentum. With freestyle also on the outs, the album made nary a blip on the charts, and Sandée unfortunately faded into obscurity. Once again, a diva ready for a comeback!

**UPDATE: Very sadly, Sandée passed away December 15, 2008 at age 46. There are not many details, but apparently her lungs collapsed. The comeback we were all hoping for (and that she was working on) will never happen, alas, but we'll always have this album and her singles to listen to and remember her by. R.I.P. to a fantastic and beautiful singer. For a great and positive radio interview with her a few months ago, go HERE.

Video for Love Desire

Download Only Time Will Tell

Love Desire
Take Me Higher
Gotta Let You Go
You're Number One
Notice Me
We Can Go On
Only Time Will Tell
Maybe Tonight
Notice Me (Notice The House Mix)
Doctors Orders


  1. Just seen the video for Love Desire, talk about Sexual! lol

    By the look of things, she's beginning her comeback now according to her MySpace Blog :D

  2. This link is dead. Best wishes.

  3. Thanks. She certainly will be remembered.

  4. Hey, the link to the album has expired. It would be great if you could reupload in since I can't find it anywhere.