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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Or-N-More - Or-N-More (1991)

Or-N-More was a pop duo that consisted of the oddly named singer Orfeh and producer Mike More. Fresh out of a performing arts school, New Yorker Orfeh was tapped by More to front a group. Originally called Genevha, they released the single "Life In The Movies".  It was not a huge success, and a few years later they changed their name.  They were soon signed to a major label and released this, their sole album. The album is very early-90s, drenched in the pop-funk that was huge at the time. Orfeh has a great voice, somewhat reminiscent of Taylor Dayne, and was a very attractive lady. So why did the group fail to make an impact? The single “Everyotherday” was a minor dance hit and almost managed to hit the Billboard Top 40, reaching #46, but the group failed to capitalize on it. According to Orfeh, they had bad management and no label support. In a time when a million dance acts were popping up “every other day”, that didn’t help. Plus, they lacked a unique image. Thankfully Orfeh has carried on as a Broadway performer. She even appears in the new movie Across The Universe. The whereabouts of Mike More, however, are unknown, and his only credit of note since Or-N-More was producing solo work for Freedom Williams of C&C Music Factory and Isle Postees Nobody's Angel. More’s the pity…

Video for Everyotherday

Download Or-N-More

Lonely Heart (Oh, No)
Only 2 Hearts Know
The Things That You Owe Me
(That's) All I'll Ever Be
Half A Heart
The Right One
Fool Hearted
Sail On
I Need Somebody To Talk To
Love Life


  1. Are you sure that this abum wasn't a hit - apparently it's been certified gold, which isn't exactly bad...

  2. They also did a video for Lonely Heart (Oh, No).

    Love this group, maybe we should try and get them reunited?

  3. Btw - just noticed that Sail On is really badly damaged - quite a lot of the track has been damaged so the msuic is obscured by static :S

  4. I'll check it out when I get a chance!

  5. At last, found Mike More :D

    After his short-lived recording career ended, Mike continued to write and produce music for other artists. Most recently, he founded the web-based media distribution company, Nabbr. He also founded his own music production and publishing company, Slick Boyz Productions. He is also a voting member of the Producers & Engineers wing of NARAS.

    He's also contributed songs to Orfeh's new solo album so the two are obviously still in touch :D

  6. could you re-up this one? I can't find album this anywhere!!!

    1. The link still works - you have to wait for the 8 links to load at the bottom of the page and then choose one. ;)

  7. could you re-up this one? I can't find album this anywhere too :(

  8. Just now came across this page and had forgotten about this group. Link is expired and I am sad.

  9. please, re-up this album.