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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Nokko - Call Me Nightlife (1993)

I picked up Nokko’s album solely from a review I read in a local newspaper. The review was so strangely yet well written, describing a deep dark dance experience, that I couldn’t resist. And I was not disappointed. The album is pure dance club, with fantastic production by club icons including Deee-Lite’s Towa Tei, St. Etienne and Japanese producer Gota. Apparently Nokko had quite a few hits in Japan before she released this, her only North American album. But like Hiroko (featured in a previous post), her music did not translate to North American audiences. Which is a shame, as there are tons of great songs on this album, which goes from deep house to synth-pop to almost alt-rock. Once again, the voice isn’t fantastic and she could use a few more English lessons, but in this case it adds to the music’s charm. This album has a unique vibe, and I was hoping for a follow-up, but it wasn’t to be… (Though she still records in Japan, so we can’t count out another English album yet.)

Video for I Will Catch U

Download Call Me Nightlife

Call Me Nightlife
I Will Catch U
Seven Ways To Love
Oh Yeah
No Return
Liquid Fire
Don't Hold Back
Cosmic Sunshine Baby
Crazy Clouds


  1. Hi, any way you could re-upload this? Definitely into NOKKO's past career in the band REBECCA. Thanks!

  2. Actually nevermind. I found another link elsewhere, but thank you nonetheless. Awesome site.

  3. You're so awesome for posting this! I bought this album on tape way back when it was released, and later got the CD off of Amazon. I just love this album...reminds me of being a kid again.

  4. I have four Nokko albums as well as one by Rebecca, they are apparently really easy to find in NYC where she lives with her husband, sound engineer Goh Hotoda, who has worked with many big names, including Prince. There is a store called Book Off on E. 41st street that is a "recycled" Japanese store--they only sell used CDs, DVDs, books, and Manga. I found everything there for $3 each.

  5. Hi Nasty,

    Would it be possible for you to upload the album again? Don't know if you still have it, but they are rarer than hen's teeth these days.


  6. Re-up please if you can! Cheers! Many thanks for writing this blog, i didn't know she had attempted an English album!