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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jamie Loring - Love Or Infatuation (1992)

Again, this will be brief, as a search for Jamie Loring on the internet reveals nothing about the artist. What can safely be said is that this was an attempt to cash in on the teen pop craze began by Tiffany and Debbie Gibson, but near the very end of their reign. As it was produced by Steve 'Silk' Hurley and his house cohorts Jamie Principle and E-Smoove, it was also riding the wave of popularity house music was enjoying in the pop charts thanks to CeCe Peniston and Crystal Waters, among others. The combination seemed like it should hit, but it didn't, perhaps because it came a little too late. Young Ms. Loring has a fairly average voice, to be honest, as did most of the teen pop singers of the time, but thanks to great production, the album goes beyond the blander pop fare of the time. The best track, "Crazy", features another Hurley muse, Kym Sims, who used the same formula to much greater success. Whatever happened to Ms. Loring is a mystery, but chances are with age she's honed her craft and is performing someplace, somewhere...

**UPDATE: Thanks once again to Consolecharlie, Jamie Loring has been found! She has a Facebook page using her full name Jamie Loring Fohrman. Invite her as a friend and see what she's been up to! ;) We'll definitely keep you posted...

Download Love Or Infatuation

In A Heartbeat
Love Or Infatuation
Come Out From The Rain
Feel The Beat
I Wanna Dance
Never Satisfied
You Don't Know
Feel So Right


  1. I don't remember her music, but I totally remember her being in teen mags back in the day. I'll definitely check her out! Thanks!!!

  2. I'm possibly late to listen to this album, but it have been removed from Zshare, thanks for any possible help :)


  3. I will indeed repost when I can find the CD (I recently moved and everything is packed). Keep checking back!

  4. I really like this album, it's a bit more experimental than the standard pop/dance affair of the time.

    And as a little present for reaching 200 posts (Congrats!) I've found Jamie Loring :D

    She has a Facebook page

    And I got her proper full name thanks to an snippet from an article here

    I'll have to add her and see what she's up to now :)

  5. I just Googled Jamie Loring and found out in a partial Chicago Sun News Article (you have to be a member to see the whole article) that Jamie was from Highland Park and only 16 years old when she released her album. Her full name is Jamie Loring Forhman and used the name "Jamie Loring" as her showbiz name.
    Hope this information helps.

  6. Jamie Loring was ahead of her time!!! Not only is her voice out of this WORLD, but she is even more beautiful than she was then. She has become a kind, sweet, great listener & has always been an amazing person. Too bad shes not in the music industry anymore. It could use raw talent like her!!!!

  7. the denim/ tartan cd cover makes her a look like a country singer.

  8. This has got to be one of the best things you've ever put out, if not the best. Almost every song is catchy and she's got a killer voice. Way more than a period piece -- this is a classic overlooked dance-pop record. THANKS!!

  9. 5 gr songs 5 good songs , no skipping trcaks.gr8
    first track has verses that remind me of debbie gibson "out of the blue".