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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cooler Kids - Punk Debutante (2003)

Cooler Kids was an act that had seemed to have tons of support and publicity, but somehow failed to attract a large audience. They were a dance-pop duo composed of singer Sisely Treasure and musician Kaz Gamble (formerly of hip-pop group Bad Ronald), with a great deal of assistance from Jill Cunniff of Luscious Jackson and production by Pop Rox. It's one part house, one part electro and two parts pop, often reminiscent of acts like Girls Aloud or Rachel Stevens. It's really a lot of fun, which makes it a shame it never hit (though "All Around The World (Punk Debutante)" was a huge Billboard dance hit). The duo also recorded as boygirL, with a much more underground electro sound. Gamble also records as DJ Kazimir and produces gay electro rapper Cazwell, and Sisely fronted the alt-rock band Sisely & the Safety Pin-ups. Sisely also had another chance at pop fame as one of the finalists on The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For The Next Doll. Unfortunately she was eliminated early in the series, mainly due to the fact that she really wasn't a fit for that type of group. And really, perhaps that's just as well, as the winner of that show has yet to appear with Pussycat Dolls anywhere except for on the show. It seems Sisely is better off doing her own thing.

**UPDATE - In 2008, Sisely joined the awesome electro group Shiny Toy Guns, replacing their last female singer. She stayed with them for one album and a few singles, including "Ricochet," "Ghost Town," and a remake of Peter Schilling's 80s classic "Major Tom (Coming Home)".  She was replaced in 2011 by the singer that she originally replaced, and released her first solo single "That You Like," produced by Dave Aude, whom she had worked with on various singles as a featured vocalist in previous years. Since then Sisely has appeared occasionally as a featured vocalist, most recently on Ikon & Exodus' "Shadow Of The Sun" in 2013.

Video for All Around The World

Download Punk Debutante

All Around The World (Punk Debutante)
Morning Star
Viva La Fever
Sha La La (Wake Up Next 2 U)
Remember That Son
Bali Hideaway
E Is For Everybody
The Last Summer
Hook Up
Blue Nile
All Around The World (Punk Debutante) (Remix)


  1. I was actually planning on featuring them on MILK... thanks so much for the update! ANd I saw that girl on the Pussycat show...I thought she looked familiar (not to mention out of place...she was just hoochie enough! Lol!)

  2. I thought the same thing! So out of place. And I didn't know she was from Cooler Kids till I decided to feature the album and looked them up on the net...

  3. Omigod! I loved this CD when it came out. I remember thinking it was strange to see a major label support a dance act.

  4. i actually saw them open for erasure a few years back, and they were a blast!

  5. I love the cooler kids!! I Love this place too. Keep it work (I just discovered this blog!!!)

  6. My god I loved this band. I saw them open for Erasure and was hooked. I went to see them live at The Knitting Factory in NYC and it was like a an audience of 20.We had fun none the less. I bought the CD, bought the singles in record form and accuired a promo of the album with the deleted song "Life After Sex" ("Blue Nile" was missing). "Morning Star" was my favorite song that year. Glittergoaty