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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Maria Christensen - Maria Christensen (1993)

Though you may not know her name, you likely know her music. Maria Christensen has had a long run in the pop world. She began as half of the successful freestyle duo (and Isle postees) Sequal (who did back-up on the Joy Winter album also posted here), whose album was produced by super-producers like Stock-Aitken-Waterman, Lewis Martinee and Mantronik. After Sequal split, Maria released her self-titled solo album. Gone was the freestyle and synthpop sound, in was a pure pop sound, very similar to Taylor Dayne or Celine Dion (who actually remade the track, and Maria's first single, "Just A Little Bit Of Love" on her Let's Talk About Love album, with Maria on back up vocals). Of course, it's no surprise that the album was reminiscent of those ladies, as it was produced by Ric Wake, who produced all three. It was also familiar sounding due to the fact that several of the tracks were recorded by other artists (e.g. "By Heart" by Brenda K. Starr, "Don't Let Me Fall Alone" by fellow Isle postees Fan Club). It's a nice enough album, not groundbreaking by any means, but Maria has great pipes. Sadly, they weren't enough for this album to be a success. Maria later resurfaced as the lead of female euro-house trio 3rd Party (their album is up next) and recently released another, independent solo album. She continues to work successfully in the music world as a respected song-writer and back-up singer, and has since reformed Sequal with fellow member Angie.

Video for I've Got To Find A Way

Download Maria Christensen

It's My Life
I've Got To Find A Way
Perfect World
Just A Little Bit Of Love
At Last
Don't Let Me Fall Alone
By Heart
If I'm Only Dreamin'
If My Heart Could Talk


  1. I remember buying this when it came out...I saw it in a music store and was so entranced by the album cover...I bought it without having a clue what it sounded like!
    Well,my "sound-unheard" purchase turned out in my favor,as this album,IMO,is a lost classic of the pop/r&b genre.Maria has a great voice,and the ballads on the album are just incredible(mixed in with some grooving uptempo numbers)!
    It took awhile,but Maria C. finally released her second solo album(Beautiful Now)in 2004...

  2. Got I completely forgot to mention this Nasty G!

    Found her music video for I've Got To Find a Way on youtube!

  3. And yet another I bought after hearing it here first.

  4. The Maria Christensen solo album link isn't working :( Could you re-up, please? Your blog is a lifesaver for the obscure pop fanatic!

  5. Thank u so much for the reup. Remember my former gf constantly playing n singing to this CD. She was pretty good but nothing like Maria. What a voice! At a recent get together heard Sequal playing and remembered this lost treasure. Thx for sharing. You have a great site!

  6. I saw this CD at a thrifstore in my hometown last week, because of her name i assumed she was a Scandinavian singer and i thought i'd give it a try.. I was so amazed by her voice and the songs! Don't Let Me Fall Alone, If My Heart Could Talk & I've Got To Find A Way were love at first listen! The thriftstore where i purchased it is called 'La Poubelle'... So i instantly nicknamed this lady 'Patti LaPoubelle'... Yes: She's that good!

  7. i'm sad, link is offline