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Saturday, November 3, 2007

3rd Party - Alive (1997)

As mentioned in the Maria Christensen post, several years after she released her solo album, Maria resurfaced as the lead vocalist of female trio 3rd Party. What exactly the other two girls contribute to the album remains to be seen, but it was likely thought that Maria would find greater success as part of a hot girl group (as she did in the freestyle world as part of Sequal). The group wasn't really a a hit, however. The album came out near the end of the euro-house craze, and thus missed cashing in on the success of acts like Culture Beat and La Bouche. But what people missed out on is a very well-produced, danceable album, that includes electroish tracks as well as house. Maria's vocals are in top form, and the album is a lot of fun from beginning to end. Their first single, "Can U Feel It," was a minor dance hit. Their second, "Love Is Alive," was a remake of the oft covered Gary Wright soul classic, a song which Maria also released as a solo single several years before. But the album's biggest claim to fame is that it contains the original, and far superior IMO, version of Jennifer Lopez's hit "Waiting For Tonight". Thanks to J Lo's remake, Maria didn't need to mourn the demise of 3rd Party for too long, as she co-wrote the song and no doubt made some nice coin as a result...

Video for Love Is Alive

Download Alive

Can U Feel It
Love Is Alive
Round & Round
Waiting For Tonight
Second Nature
So Inspired
One Night
Step By Step
Love And Emotion
If My Heart Could Talk
Listening To The Rain
Can U Feel It (LCD Galactica Mix)


  1. THanks for the Maria posts! I had no idea who she was and I love both albums!

  2. Thanks too for the album - And about that comment about Maria making cash from the writing royaties -she made an independant album out of it in 2002. See if you can't find it :)

  3. And I've just found out that maybe your chart positions for her singles were wrong - her official site sas she had two top 40 hits with 3rd Party but you've said her highest was #43. Sorr abut all these comments coming so fast but I just get the urge to tell people this little facts I find lol!

  4. Thanks to your blog I just purchased this disc...and I love it!I bought Maria Christensen's solo album in 1993,but for some reason I had no clue about this project or album(I even worked in retail-music in 1997 so I can't imagine how I missed this release)!
    By coincidence,3rd Party does a remake of my favorite track from the Maria C. debut,If My Heart Could Talk...

  5. I have been looking for this album for years!! I remember the first time i heard them was on the RuPaul talk show. They were awesome!

  6. Hi, can you reupload this? megaupload cannot download anymore. thank you

  7. I'm going to try to get this album! I am so thankful for your blog! :c) I found many things that I love on here and that people still appreciate them.

    I remember being shocked that J Lo's Waiting For Tonight was a cover, Though I like how J Lo did her version (it was tastefully done in my opinion), 3rd Party's is far superior. I absolutely LOVE eurodance and it sucks that 3rd party didn't get more recognition, HOWEVER, I am happy that something came out of it in the long run.

  8. The 1990's were truly a special time for music. I would love a time machine to go party in the 90's where 3rd Party and other eurodance acts were mainstream.