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Saturday, November 17, 2007

She Moves - Breaking All The Rules (1997)

Ah, God bless the Spice Girls! Thanks to their surprise success, many girl groups popped out of the woodwork in an attempt to take over the charts. Unfortunately, most were nowhere near as successful. One example is She Moves. Comprised of former New York Knicks cheerleaders and dancers Carla Duren, Danielle Flora and Diana Bologna, She Moves was the brainchild of German producers the Berman Brothers, best known for their work with Amber and Real McCoy. They had looks, voices and moves the Spice Girls would have killed for. But they also lacked the unique character the Spice Girls cultivated. Of course, their music is nothing like the Spice Girls. The Berman Brothers were masters of eurohouse, and there are indeed eurohouse tracks on here. Even more interesting are the synth pop and drum n' bass elements on the album. This is certainly a bit more experimental than most pop albums of the time. The song "Breaking All The Rules" was a Billboard Top 40 hit, reaching #32. They followed it up with the ballad "It's Your Love", a remake of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill hit (I prefer She Moves' version, which I've actually sang in karaoke!), which only managed to reach #67 in the Billboard Hot 100. The final single, "Just For Tonight", fell on deaf ears. But for lovers of girl pop, this album is a MUST!

**UPDATE: Thanks to a tip from Isle friend Liz, I have discovered that Carla released a solo album in 2007 entitled BlackFolkRockStar, and the music is exactly as the title implies. Find it and buy it on CD Baby NOW! :)

Video for Breaking All The Rules

Video for It's Your Love

Download Breaking All The Rules

Breaking All The Rules
Wouldn't It Be Good
Just For Tonight
You Make Me Believe In Magic
Come Back To Me
Do You Know
Every Time You Touch Me (I Get High)
Perfect Sin
It's Your Love
Let's Keep It Going On
Breaking All The Rules (Berman Brothers Dance Mix)


  1. I almost featured SheMoves on my own Blog!! "Breaking all the rules" received a lot of airplay when I was in college and the Berman Brothers did a dance mix for "its your love" that also did well in the clubs. The CD coverart is terrible!!

    Your blog is amazing- I love reading your entries about these artists. Thanks!!

  2. Hi, I am Federico from Italy.
    I loved She Moves, though I was the only one in my country to know them! Ah ah ah!!

  3. Another I bought after hearing it here first.

  4. An update I recently learned: Carla released a solo album last year entitled BlackFolkRockStar. It's described as Neo-soul meets folk as the title suggests, but I'm yet to hear it.

  5. Hi, can you repload this? megaupload can't download anymore. thank you

    1. Thank you, i checked back everyday, was so happy when i saw you reuploaded. I am downloading now, it's your love is such a good song! :)

  6. Hi, the link is off. Have you another link to download Breaking all the rules?