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Friday, October 5, 2007

Artificial Joy Club – Melt (1997)

Like Sister Soleil, Artificial Joy Club emerged with the rise of Garbage. But the main members of AJC were hardly new on the scene. Lead singer Sal (aka Louise Reny) and producer Leslie Howe had long been a part of the pop music world, especially in Canada. They were once known as synth-pop and then pop-rock duo One 2 One, who had several Canadian hits. They then formed a band and tried an unsuccessful hard rock transformation as Sal’s Birdland before changing their name to AJC. And perhaps most importantly, Howe produced Alanis’ first two teen pop albums, before Jagged Little Pill, while Louise served as Alanis’ muse, with Alanis taking on her vocal stylings. AJC was their attempt to ride the pop mainstream. It’s ‘alternative’ pop rock, with lots of synths thrown in. And it failed pretty badly, but is not without it’s merits. Not much has been heard from the duo since, but don’t be surprised if they reinvent themselves once again, like a phoenix rising from the flames of failure. And I’ll be first in line to buy their album!

Video for Sick & Beautiful

Video for Spaceman

Download Melt

Psychic Man
Sick & Beautiful
No Shame
I Say
You're Too Good To Me
Cheeky Monkey
Garbage Cans


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  2. I don't think this album "failed", exactly. Not as big as their One To One days, but the AJC videos got a fair bit of airplay and I know they attracted new fans who weren't aware of their pop roots. I've loved Louise & Leslie in all their incarnations. You kinda can't blame them for trying an alterna-grunge reinvention since it worked for that brat, Alanis. :) And "Melt" is a good album!

    1. I would consider Alanis to be a very creative artist with staying power, certainly not a brat. Bad assumption my friend!

  3. Hello. Could you please re-upload the download link? It's not working. Thank you.

  4. Sadly as much as I want this band to come back I don't think it will happen. I talked to Andrew (the drummer)and he said he would love to do it again but he knows it will probably never happen. I'm wondering what happened to Tim (the bassist) he was so good! Anyone know what he or Sal are up too?

  5. I'd abosultely love to see AJC back in action. Or at least see the members in some form nowadays. Great sound.

  6. any chance of getting this one re-upped? most thanks

  7. Any chance of another reup?