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Friday, December 28, 2007

Angel Clivilles - Angel (2000)

Angel Clivilles (aka Louise Angel Sabater) is not exactly a 'failed' pop star, as she was the original lead singer of freestyle/pop success The Cover Girls. The girls had a top ten ballad with "We Can't Go Wrong" as well as a long string of dance songs that hit the Billboard Hot 100. Their second top ten ballad, "Wishing On A Star", did not feature Angel as she had left the group by then. Aside from that hit, after Angel left the group their success dwindled, due in no small part to the loss of Angel's distinctive voice. Many years later she finally embarked on a solo career and released her only solo album (on '80s icon Jellybean's record label). The album was a far cry from her Cover Girls days. While she did include and release a version of one of the Cover Girl's biggest songs, "Show Me", the sound was more electro-trance. The whole album followed suit, mostly in a progressive house vein, and from it she had a couple Billboard dance chart hits. But the style of music wasn't exactly burning up the pop charts, and the album went mostly unnoticed. She resurfaced more recently on Myspace as Angel (The Original Cover Girl). I then had brief conversations with her and her management on Myspace and Youtube and she seemed a very sweet and genuine woman who clearly appreciates her fans. In 2012, Angel reformed the Cover Girls with original member Caroline Esposito and Margo Urban, who replaced original member Sunshine Wright after the first album.  Wright also joined for select dates and the four are currently touring again! Here's hoping we also see more solo work from one of the original freestyle divas!

Live performance of Show Me

Download Angel

Show Me
One More Chance
Do You Feel Love
I've Got That Feeling
Never Alone
Tora Mata
Baila Mi Ritmo
Show Me (Johnny Vicious Club Mix)
One More Chance (Soul Solution Club Mix)


  1. I never understood why she left the Cover Girls. I had read it was to pursue a solo career but considering it took her 10 years to do that I don't believe that story!

    Anyhoo, the album was ok. I expected a little more after waiting for so long!

  2. Thank you so much for her album. I have searching everywhere, and I'm finally found it here ;-)

  3. E por onde ela anda?atualmente.