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Friday, December 28, 2007

India - Breaking Night (1990)

Like Angel Clivilles, India is a premiere freestyle and Latin music diva, who, in my opinion, had THE best voice in freestyle music, if not ALL music. Her range is vast and her voice is pure. She has appeared on many dance hits, most notably Masters At Work's "I Can't Get No Sleep". She has also has a successful salsa and Latin music career, recording several albums (also as La India). Breaking Night was her only English solo effort, and her only pure freestyle outing. Unfortunately, unlike other freestyle divas like Safire, Corina or Lisette Melendez, she never had a huge pop hit. She did have hits on the dance charts from this album, including standouts like "The Lover Who Rocks You (All Night)" and "Dancing On The Fire", and she had the best producers of the time like Jellybean, Mantronik and Little Louie Vega. But perhaps her voice was a little too fierce for the mass pop audience. Whatever the case, they missed out on one of the best dance albums of all time, IMO. The title track is one of the best freestyle tracks ever, and I can't imagine it wouldn't have been a hit if released as a single. This is a classic 'lost' album that everyone should own. I would love India to come back with another pure freestyle outing, and maybe she will, but for now she is successful enough in her other styles that that isn't likely. Let's keep our fingers crossed...

Video for The Lover Who Rocks You (All Night)

Live performance of Dancing On The Fire

Download Breaking Night

Right From The Start
Dancing On The Fire
Breaking Night
The Lover Who Rocks You (All Night)
Steppin' Out
I've Got A Plan
When You Were Mine
You Should Be Lovin' Me
Send Yourself To Me
I'm Through With Love
Dancing On The Fire [Extended Dance Mix]
Right From The Start [12" Fly Mix]


  1. I personally feel that India is wasting her voice on the Salsa genre. Give us dance India any day!!! BTW I finally updated Milk....Tara Kemp is now featured :)

  2. I just now kinda "rediscovered" your blog---there's so many you know---and I LOVE IT!!! I love all your Freestyle posts! Takes me back to my clubbin' days at the Copa in Fort Lauderdale. All your work is greatly appreciated!!!

    Atlanta, Georgia

  3. India has the BEST voice I have ever heard of any singer in any genre. I can't believe you have a link to the album I have been looking for. You rock!!! Thank you so much...

  4. Anyone else think this cover too closely resembles Sade's "Diamond Life"? ;-)

  5. la india may never release another freestyle album, but she is appearing at the 2013 latin freestyle beach festival in atlantic city. she might sing some freestyle songs there. she might even do "dancing on the fire."

  6. I have this. Not bad as it goes, but I prefer the mix of "The Lover Who Rocks You" on the old "cassingle," which I kept all these years.