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Monday, December 3, 2007

Milla - The Divine Comedy (1994)

The same year that Naomi Campbell released her solo album, another up-and-coming supermodel also decided to it was time to embark on a recording career. Milla Jovovich dropped her last name for her debut, perhaps assuming a one-name moniker was easier to remember. And instead of pursuing a hoard of hot young producers, Milla decided to work primarily with legend Rupert Hine and Richard Feldman, who was responsible for much of Shakespear's Sister's work. Her music was much more eclectic than Naomi's, often compared to Tori Amos or Kate Bush. Indeed, she possessed a very nice voice, and the music was very avant-folk. She released one single, "The Gentleman Who Fell", and the video was shown in rotation on MTV, most likely due to the artist's physical beauty. The song itself didn't attract a huge audience, and the album died a quiet death, due, according to many, to the pretentiousness of the music. Another album was released on an indie label as The Peopletree Sessions with a more electronic feel, but Milla claimed it was released without her consent, and she has recorded no albums since. Her songs do show up on soundtracks, however, which should come as no surprise since her acting career blossomed and surpassed even her modeling work, ensuring she would not soon be forgotten.

First version of the video for Gentleman Who Fell (directed by Lisa Bonet!):

Second version of the video for Gentleman Who Fell

Live performance of The Alien Song (For Those Who Listen)

Download The Divine Comedy

The Alien Song (For Those Who Listen)
Gentleman Who Fell
It's Your Life
Reaching From Nowhere
Ruby Lane
Bang Your Head
Don't Fade Away
You Did It All Before
In A Glade


  1. this is one of my all time favorite albums of all time!!! i love her voice!!!!

  2. I'm not so sure this cd is out of print, I ordered it for a customer recently and it arrived in our store.
    Nice blog by the way

  3. This album is not out of print and is still highly available.

    It is a stellar piece that is in my top ten of all time.

    Saw Milla perform this in San Diego in '96 and she was spectacular live.

    Thanks for teaching others.

  4. This album is remarkable. There is no arguing with this woman's talent -- she is a better-than-most singer & an multi-instrumentalist. A good actress? I dunno -- I have not really seen her MANY films, I admit. Stunningly beautiful, obviously. And speaks several languages. Rather unfair, isn't it !?! :-)

  5. What is the password?

    1. Sorry, I'm going to have to reup this file - the link was borrowed and I don't know the password...

    2. OK, I added a new link. ;)

  6. Nasty G, please can you upload the link again. I kinda like Milla's voice and was blown by how great she sounded. Please? Pretty Please? With cherry on top?

  7. really lovely album, thank you very much!

  8. Sorry but I can't download please can you upload the link again.
    Pleaseeeeeeee :D