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Monday, December 3, 2007

Terri Nunn - Moment Of Truth (1991)

Terri Nunn was (and still is) the lead singer of US new wavers Berlin. But for awhile after their late 1980's heydey, the group split. Like so many lead singers of successful groups before her (Debbie Harry, Dale Bozzio, Kelli Ali, etc., etc., etc.), Terri must have figured that the group's success hinged a great deal on her vocals, which truly give any group it's personality, and that a solo album would garner the same success (the title of the album seems to point to this). But also like these other lead singers, she soon discovered that there is indeed more to the success of a group than just a pretty face or unique voice. Her only solo album was an unfortunate failure. There was no doubt that the lady possessed a good voice laced with raw sex-appeal. But instead of using it on an album that was similar to those of Berlin, she decided to go in a much more rock-based direction. Of course, thanks to production by Prince cohort David Z and many of the Paisley Park musicians, there was certainly funk and groove in the mix (which was also the case with Missing Persons frontwoman Dale Bozzio's solo album, also posted here!). But the songs didn't seem to have that special oomph, and the album went largely unnoticed. Luckily for Terri, VH1's Band Reunited brought the group back together in 2004, and they are recording and touring together again.

Download Moment Of Truth

Confession Time
Desire Me
Once Upon A Time
Moment Of Truth
Let Me Be The One
89 Lines
Who's Gonna Take You Home Tonight
Go Ask The Lonely
Too Far To Fall
Fly By Night


  1. Hi there, I love this CD, this came out in the early 90's when I was a teenybobber, it's to bad it didn't do better and there was no music video's for it. I love the song 'Let Me Be The One' and Terri's vocals are beautiful on this song. I would love to put this song on but not sure can anyone help? thanks! :-)

  2. I've had this since Day's a decent release,but is a few steps below the Berlin(old & new)albums.
    It is though,to this day,one of my favorite picture-disc CD's.What a cool design...
    Terri and the new Berlin did a fine live version of Confession Time on the Live:Sacred and Profane album from 2000...

  3. I've had this since it was first released (first on cassette, then on vinyl), and it's still one of my favorite albums. It's a shame that this didn't do better on the charts; I think there are some songs here that rival the best of Berlin, like "Let Me Be the One," "Go Ask the Lonely" (AMAZING vocals from Terri), and "Confession Time." And I love the songs like "Diane" and "89 Lines" that tackle the social issues of spousal abuse and racism. An album that was before its time that's held up really well.