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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pure Sugar - Pure Sugar (1998)

So, by request, here is the one and only album by Pure Sugar. Comprised of vocalist Jennifer Starr and producers Pete Lorimer and Richard "Humpty" Vission (who went on to greater acclaim as remixers), Pure Sugar was indeed that - a sticky sweet pop dance concoction. For more details on the group and this album, please go to my 'sister' blog Milk Carton Pop Stars, where my delightful companion Bunny (Bomitoni to you) did a bang up feature on the group. I too wonder what became of the beautiful voiced and bodied Jennifer Starr (UPDATE: Bomitoni recently found Jennifer and did and interview with her on Milk Carton Pop Stars! Check it out!). She has a true diva voice and is very easy on the eyes. She surely could have been a solo star. Pure Sugar didn't find much of an audience outside the gay world, which is somewhat understandable given the album is heavy on club anthems. It's pure disco house, with traces of trance and pop. The lead-off single, "Delicious", echoes the A Taste Of Honey disco hit "Boogie Oogie Oogie", while another single, "These Are The Times", utilizes Chic's "Good Times". It's a dance lovers dream. If only we could get a second helping of this sugary treat.

Video for Delicious

Download Pure Sugar

Movin' On
Love You Senseless
These Are The Times
Hold On To My Love
The Feelin' 98
Hands To Heaven
Got To Be Love
Hands To Heaven (DJ Icey's Octane Mix)
Slave To My Feelings
No More Words
Very Cherry (Rhythm Masters Mix)


  1. Thank you so much for this! This is Dream101 by the way! I'll see if I can't find some new about Starr for you, might be able to dig up something.

  2. Here's what info I've found so far.

    She's has dabbled in acting, her last film in 1999 (The Murder in China Basin ) in a starring role.

    The album itself was well reviewed and recieved signiicant radio airplay (Apparently anyways).

    Delicious reached no.1 in Japan!

    If I find anthing else I'll let you know.

  3. Hey I've only recently discovered your blog but I've been downloading loads of rare albums off here - great job you're doing !

    I've added you to my links, would be grateful if you could return the favour ;)

    All the best for Xmas and the new year


  4. Thanks! Nice blog! Consider yourself linked. ;)

  5. Not sure if this is The Jennifer Starr:

  6. consolecharlie...i contacted that group and is indeed NOT our jennifer starr :( i guess we'll just have to keep searching.

  7. Pity, I though we might have gotten somewhere with her -I'll keep looking, she has to be somwhere.

    By the way, Universal just put up the music video on the 25 of March and today (27th Match) it's already at 67 thousand views.

    Maybe a comeback could happen if it gets even more views?

    Here's to hoping :D

  8. Alright I'm sure I've found her now :D

    She seems to be doing photography now, and she does it very well. But I wanna hear her sing again lol

  9. years she on facebook?....mmmm

  10. Hi there, I have been looking for this CD for awhile now! I know it have been awhile since it was posted, but if you could repost it so i could download it, I would be so grateful. I somehow lost my copy and miss listening to it. I such a fun music cd! thank you!!


  11. I'm straight, loved her voice and wanted her. This was good dance/house!!!!