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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Scene 23 - PopStars 2 (2001)

Even more tragic than the fate of Canada's Velvet Empire was that of their US counterparts, Popstars season 2 'winners' Scene 23. The TV show itself was poorly rated, especially as it aired against Survivor and Friends. The group was originally comprised of six members, three girls and three guys, but one of the guys was kicked out for reasons no one cares about. The final members were Monika Christian, Laurie Gidosh, Donavan Green, Josh Henderson and Dorothy Szamborska.  The group's only album was a total bomb, and a far cry from the much more (but still not that) successful season one winners Eden's Crush (which we all know featured future Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger). The first single wasn't even released commercially, and the video got no love on MTV. Even worse, the album only featured 7 pop-R&B songs by the group and was padded with sound bites from the show and, more pathetically, original versions of songs by R. Kelly, Mariah Carey and Joe used for auditions. They broke up soon after the show aired. I have no idea where the rest of the kids of Scene 23 are doing now, nor do I care, but one of them, Josh Henderson, went on to better fame as an actor on Desperate Housewives and the new Dallas and a boyfriend to Ashley Simpson and Paris Hilton. He also appears in Ashley Tisdale's videos, and is apparently recording a solo album. So it appears some good has come of Scene 23, and a new Nicole may be on the horizon.

Video for I Really Don't Think So

Download Popstars 2

1Interlude: I Wanna Be A Popstar
2He Said She Said
3The Greatest
4I Really Don't Think So
5All This Love
6What She Got
7Another Night
8Respect Me


  1. Did you know that Josh Henderson was in Scene 23 (Plays Austin McCann in Desperate Housewives)? He's planning a solo album and single for Christmas.

  2. I just found that out and must have been updating this when you wrote this message! LOL

  3. lol! Great minds think alike! Gonna go download the album now, thanks for uploading!

  4. I REMEMBER THEM!!! I LOVED their remake of DeBarge's "All This Love" and I thought Monika was SO pretty. lol. I think that one dude got cut from the group because he was telling his friends and people that he made it into the group before the show aired. Or something like that...I think I actually have a few episodes on VHS somewhere...not that anyone cares. LOL. If I remember correctly, one of the girls, I think Laurie, actually went on another similar show, I think for the group Girlicious? I remember seeing her again somewhere. And I remember seeing Josh on a couple episodes of the show "One On One" before getting more popular. lol. WOW!!!

  5. I really really enjoyed this album as a kid. Like Edens Crush and Velvet Empire, I thought they were really good. I loved all 8 songs, and 'Respect Me' was one song I feel I could relate to. As a matter of fact, several years ago I came to this site to download this album. Thank you so much (I know I am a little late to comment here) but yea... This album isn't really all that bad! When I was a kid I had high hopes for Edens Crush and Scene 23 most (not so much Velvet Empire due to their 'band name').

  6. I really dont think so the video of the sovthei is dsonisdifferentrom the album, why ?

  7. I also loved this show, group and EP. Just gave it a spin this morning. It's also interesting to note that JC Chasez (N'Sync) wrote a majority of the tracks on this EP. I always wondered what happened to Laurie and Monika, they were my favs. This group was definitely a gem during that era of Pop Music.

  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I loved Scene 23, STILL LOVE Nicole Scherzinger, and just SO SO happy you had the SCENE 23 CD up here, so grateful! Thank You! Great POP ALBUM!