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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Velvet Empire - Velvet Empire (2002)

I think it's due time to explore a couple groups that were spawned out of the television show Popstars. Of course, I'm starting with one from my homeland, Canada. Velvet Empire was comprised of the winners of the second season of Popstars Canada. The first season spawned Sugar Jones, an all-girl group who managed to have a Canadian hit with "Days Like That". For the second season, the producers wished to form a boy-girl group (thus aping the American version, as always, which first produced the minorly successful all-girl group Eden's Crush and then the non-successful boy-girl group Scene 23, who are coming up). Comprised of three girls and two boys of limited talent and looks, the group was a pretty resounding flop. In fact, the only memorable thing about them was the fact that they had one of the worst group names EVER. The music aped the Britney/N Sync pop-R&B sound, but two years too late, with the whole pop scene pretty much crumbling at that point in time. However, at least they had some profile, as I have no recollection of who won the next, and last, season of the Canadian Popstars show.

Video for Frontin' On Me

Download Velvet Empire
Are You Ready?...Then Let's Begin
Frontin' On Me
Wha, Wha, What
Mad For You
Tell Me
Now You Don't
Good Girls
About Last Night
2 A.M.
That's Right
Wild Horses


  1. A few years back I came across both this and Sugar Jones in a used CD bin. Too obvious that the same person wanted to get rid of both, lol. But they looked like something I'd like so I bought 'em and did, so all worked out well. :)

  2. Can you please re-upload this album? I know it may take some time for you, but please let me know when you do the re-up!! thanks :D

    1. Hi, still haven't located this CD, but I will re-up when I do. ;)

  3. Please re-upload this. Thank you.

  4. Hey There just wondering if you could reupload the Velvet Empire album. I came across this after looking for them on itunes and coming up empty handed. Thanks for keeping this blog it is awesome. I'm discovering new old music, if that makes sense.

    1. You're welcome. And it's been reupped. ;)


  6. Oh gosh, I LOVED them. Even went to see them perform at a taping of Mike Bullard. I'm actually listening to this album now. Memories!

    1. Hey! Love you back! Can't believe you were at that taping of Mike Bullard. Good memories, good times. I made the worst joke on that show about not being anorexic. Lol! Love, Alex Price

  7. Thank you for posting up all these fantastic music! Would you be able to reupload this album?

  8. I remember having watched the 3rd season and the winner was Christa Borden. She released an album in 2010 that is not in itunes and nowhere to be found. It was called I rhyme with Orange... I found one video on youtube : It has been on my want list for a while ;)