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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Nick Scotti - Nick Scotti (1993)

What have we here? A MALE artist stranded on Tanya's Island? He'll be eaten alive! But indeed, there are quite a few male pop stars that never quite made it (though I obviously prefer the ladies), and perhaps one of the highest profile is Nick Scotti. He began as a male model, and ended as an actor, in the TV soap The Young & The Restless and the gay-themed film Kiss Me Guido. But in between he met the one and only Madonna, who 'graciously' (and no doubt carnally) took the young artist under her wing and co-wrote (with Stephen Bray), co-produced (with Shep Pettibone) and sang on his first single, "Get Over". The rest of the album (also known as Wake Up Everybody, which was also the name of his second and only other single off of the album) was produced in part by former Madonna producer Reggie Lucas, and Andre Levin and Camus Celli (who also appear on the Sofia Shinas, Nokko and Tia Carrere albums posted here). Nick's vocals are adequate at best, and were no doubt a big reason this album never took off. He released one other single the following year, and has yet to record again. I'm sure no one's holding their breath for another album, but I'm also sure no one would be opposed either, as it would likely mean a promo video featuring the still hot hottie.

Download Nick Scotti

Get Over
Slow Down
This Could Take All Night
Life Is What You Make It
Wake Up Everybody
Alone With You
Are You Gonna Give
Nothing Stays The Same
Just No Justice
Feel The Need


  1. This album is part of what I call my "Cute Boy Purchases", CDs I buy only because I think the guy is hot/cute. I did like "Get Over". I think he was on the KISS ME GUIDO soundtrack if I remember correctly. What happened to him?? MILKCARTON perhaps???

  2. This was a great album even if it is a guilty pleasure. Entertainment weekly ran an article on him when the album came out (he was an early signing to Maverick) and stated Madonna told him to ignore all the press as they want people to fail. Maybe he should have paid some attention. Thanks for posting this-my tape is long gone.

  3. He was actually the star of Kiss Me Guido! And totally, the only reason I have this is the cute and Madonna factors. Milk Carton indeed!!

  4. thorjesmne

    link to full album says "File has expired and does not exist anymore on this server". Please re-upload, or you can send it to my e-mail: Thanks in advance.

    1. thorjesmne
      hey tnx Nasty G!

  5. link to full album says "File has expired and does not exist anymore on this server". Please re-upload ... Thank You