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Monday, December 3, 2007

Solina - Body And Soul (1996)

Solina (real name Isabelle Plante) was one of the many eurohouse/freestyle (a.k.a. Gino Beats) acts to emerge out of Canada during the height of eurohouse's popularity. The eurohouse and freestyle genres thrived in Canada, and for much longer than most other countries. It seemed every week there was a new artist, usually a solo female one, releasing a eurohouse or freestyle track produced by the same group of Quebec-based producers. While many of those acts only got maxi-single releases, Solina was one of the lucky ones to get a whole album out of the deal. Unlike her contemporaries like Emjay, Carol Medina, Joee or Capital Sound, however, she never made much of a dent on the Canadian pop charts. There were no shortage of local dance hits off of her debut, but for some reason Solina didn't make the same impact on a larger audience. Her vocals weren't really any better or any worse than the other artists (which isn't saying much either way) , but the market was overcrowded, and the genres would soon lose favour in Canada as well, so the album went mostly unnoticed. After a couple more singles Solina faded into obscurity. But it 's possible to imagine a resurgence in the popularity of the genres, in Canada at least, and should this happen, Solina will no doubt reemerge as one of it's divas.

**UPDATE - Thanks to the resourceful SaffronFinch, I have discovered that Solina has been involved in the beauty industry since her music career ended. She currently runs a beauty centre in Quebec, under her real name Isabelle Plante. For more info, go HERE. So it appears that she won't likely return to music anytime soon, but surely if you're in Quebec and visit her salon for a treatment, she will discuss her music glory days with you...

Video for Body And Soul

Live performance of Breakout

Short live clip of Give It Up

Download Body And Soul

I Wanna Know
Show Me Love Tonight
Body And Soul
Summer Nights
Give It Up
Baby So Happy
Forever In Love
The Music Comes Alive
Dance With Me
The Answer
Turn It On
Just Go Away
Every Night
Las Noches De Verano

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