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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tia - Tia (1997)

Another one I have no info on. Again, a one-named chanteuse and a Canadian release, produced by unknowns. The music on this one is a bit different, though. The song "Slip N' Slide" was a Canadian dance hit, a sexy electro ditty that is indeed about the water toy. Pretty crazy! A second dance single. "As I Watch U Dance" was released to lesser success. The songs on the album range from house and electro to straight up pop. If you like trashy dance-pop, look no further. (And if you like what you hear, she also did a fun electro take on Gary Numan's "Cars" that was apparently produced by Sir Mix-A-Lot!! You can download it HERE.)

**UPDATE - Tia is alive and well! She has her own blog and in her bio mentions that she grew up in Milwaukee. She met bass player Sunne Souders in Seattle and together they created an album, which the Ichiban label ended up picking up. After the release of the album the label folded and Tia moved to San Francisco. Since then she has been independently recording new music, with a more soul-oriented vibe. In 2011 she independently released a new album entitled More. Very nice, and she looks FAB!)

Download Tia

I Go To Town
As I Watch U Dance
Baby Doll
Deeper In (Further Beneath)
R U Real
I've Got 2 Have You
I'll Be With U
Just In Time
Slip N' Slide
Right Now
Slip N' Slide (Club Version)


  1. Thanks for uploading this!

    I found the Tia's rendition of Cars.

    Enjoy :)

  2. Tia was actually Swedish. Larry Flick mentioned this in Billboard magazine way back when this single "Slip n slide" and "cars" was reviewed. She was on the Ichiban label which was home to another Nordic dance diva Misia.

  3. i just found out about her this past weekend. i have no clue how i missed slip n slide back when it was released. i figured you would have something from her and lo & behold you do :)
    sadly the link doesnt work for me :*(