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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Harriet - Woman To Man (1990)

The lone album from gorgeous singer/songwriter Harriet Roberts is best described as tech-soul with a touch of jazz. It emerged during the height of acts like Soul II Soul and Lisa Stansfield, when labels were scrambling for soulful female vocals over pop-soul beats. Harriet fit the bill perfectly, as her voice contains more soul than a white girl has a right to have! LOL The song "Temple Of Love" was a minor hit, just squeaking into the Billboard Top 40 at #39. It also hit the dance charts thanks to remixes (one of which, the Tuff Stuff mix, is included on the album). But she could not follow up this minor success with another hit. The title track was also released as a single, but to no avail. The album is indeed very soulful and at times quite funky - even George Clinton himself produced a track! See the track "Magic Bed" for a pure funk workout. Though she no longer recorded, Harriet carried on in her career as she began, as a respected backing vocalist and songwriter. She has written tracks recorded by the likes of Tina Turner, Quincy Jones, Taylor Dayne and Ultra Nate. A woman with this much talent could never totally disappear.

Video for Temple Of Love

Video for Woman To Man

Download Woman To Man

Temple Of Love
Magic Bed
Takes A Little Time
Only The Lonely / Good Girl
Woman To Man
Fool Am I
Live & Learn
If Only You
Rippin' It Up
Temple Of Love (Tuff Stuff)


  1. Score! I have the Temple Of Love 12" but I've never listened to it.

  2. This is one of my favorite albums.
    It's criminal that she didn't receive ANY acclaim for it.

  3. It would be great if you could re-up this.

    1. I will upload soon when I find the CD and get a chance. ;)

  4. Belated thanks. Great site! I hope all is well.

  5. Would be ever so grateful for once more RE-UP!