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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kina - Kina (2000)

Kina Cosper was once a member of successful R&B girl group Brownstone, replacing one of the original three for their second album. After the second album failed to meet expectations, the group broke up and Kina recorded her only solo album. Having a love for soul and rock music, she combined the two for her album. Unfortunately audiences in North America apparently weren't ready for a black woman singing pop-rock songs (though Dionne Farris managed a hit years earlier with a similar recipe). A total shame, as the album is a tour-de-force, with Kina's soulful voice front and center. The most obvious comparison would be Skunk Anansie's softer moments, and the influence of one of her idols, Lenny Kravitz, is definitely heard. Of course, as is becoming of a diva, Kina did have a couple huge dance hits with great remixes of her first two singles "Girl From The Gutter" and "Me". But the clubs weren't what her album was geared for and, despite a huge push by her label Dreamworks, it failed to catch on.

Video for Girl From The Gutter

Download Kina

Girl From The Gutter
I Love You
Have A Cry
Give And Take
U Don't Know
Hurt So Bad
Still Here


  1. I loved this album! Girl From The Gutter was an amazing single. I wish she would have been bigger

  2. I adore Kina!!! Too bad she didn't catch on... I remember hearing her first single "Girl from the Gutter" and falling in love...
    She has an amazing voice! Definitely check her out...

  3. She has a myspace page!!!

  4. She appeared as a (fictitious) singer on an episode of the very short-lived Michael Mann TV series 'Robbery Homicide Division' in 2002. The episode revolved around her character being assaulted, and a few of the songs from this album were featured. FYI.