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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Innosense - So Together (2000)

Innosense was a female quintet who were just one of many girl groups that followed in the wake of the Spice Girls' success (many of the others will be featured here in the future as well). Unfortunately, the Spice Girls themselves were falling out of favour around the time of Innosense's debut. Teen-pop music was still popular, but it was solo girls and boy bands that reigned. Interestingly enough, the group was created to be the female N*Sync. Even more interesting is the fact that teen pop queen Britney Spears was one of the founding members of Innosense, with member and fellow ex-Mickey Mouse Club member Nikki Deloach, before deciding to go solo. And the band was formed with the assistance of Justin Timberlake's mom and managed by uber-manager Lou Pearlman. The sound was Britney meets the Spice Girls. In fact, "Ride" is a total rip-off of the Spice Girls' "Wannabe". The usual pop producers of the day were involved, including Full Force, Khris Kellow and a host of Swedes. The girls opened for Britney and N*Sync on their tours, but the pop sound was on it's way out, even for those headliners, so Innosense never had a chance. Nikki is now an actress, and other member Mandy Ashford is a 'glamour' model. The fate of the other three remains unknown.

Video for Say No More

Download So Together

Say No More
Beep Beep
So Together
This Is It
Rain Rain
You Didn't Have To Hurt Me
A Hundred Oceans
A Real Good Man
You Can't Touch Me Now
I Wish


  1. I have this's actually a favorite of call me a sucker for a stupid pop song or whatever....but I love it. =P

  2. Veronica Finn is now a real-estate agent.

  3. the download isn't working D: :(

  4. The Megaupload link was. I've now directed it to that. ;)

  5. can someone upload this please?

  6. have the album and love it wish they would have done more albums like it love love their music.

  7. Can you reupload the album/provide a new download link? It would be greatly appreciated, thank you!