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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Point – Fingernoid Slink (1993)

The Point was a duo comprised of musician Christopher Little and vocalist Sybil Syn. Their sound is an odd mix of 60’s retro pop (much like other featured artist Apollo Smile), synth-pop and, at times, techno-house. Sybil’s vocals are VERY British, somewhat like Siouxie Sioux or Marianne Faithfull, and the music through most tracks is quite trippy. All in all the mix works and makes the album a very interesting listen. It seems that their label, I.R.S., didn’t get behind the group, however. The only official single released was the house-y “Dance Is The Nu Sex”, which made nary a dent on the dance charts. Aside from a few other tracks appearing on compilations, the group really got no play, and once again it’s members have faded, perhaps forever, into obscurity.

UPDATE:  I should have updated this a long time ago, but someone just asked if I had found any more info on the group and it reminded me.  As you can see from the comments from Aaron Owen Smith below, he worked with the group in the late 90s.  He said that they took two years to record an EP and performed the songs at bars and clubs in London in 1999. The tracks were very drum 'n' bass and very good (he was gracious enough to share them with me but didn't want them shared on the internet). It's a shame that they were never released. Aaron also says that Sybil was very 'unique' and also very talented, but that she was worried about the emerging internet and losing her anonymity, thus why she chose an alias and didn't share her real name (also likely why there is nothing on her on the internet now), and he has not spoken to her since. If you go to to Discogs, you can see some pics from this later era...

Download Fingernoid Slink

Real Thing
Hey Jane
State Of Mind
Oh Yes We Are
White Cocoon
Dance Is The Nu Sex
Spread That Jam


  1. Sorry this is Dream101/Consolecharlie but Blogger won't let me sign in :(

    I've found the music video for Hey Jane on Youtube!!!

  2. Dream101/Consolecharlie - They also did an interview in "Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter" years back after Fingernoid Slink was released.

  3. Here's a little nugget of info -George Martin, THE George Martin (Who produced the Beatles) played the guitar on Hey Jane!

    I think an email to him about The Point might give us a lead :D

    1. No, not the beatles George Martin. A different guy from the same town as the Point Guitarist Chris,

  4. Ok this is a guesswork comment - I'm willing to bet that Sybil Syn is a nickname. It sounds very trippy and strange which would have suited the Point's image.

    Is there anyone credited for lead vocals in the CD case for any of the songs apart from Sybil Syn? That could give me a lead.

  5. Nope, absolutely nothing, I'm afraid. She's only credited as Sybil Syn. Someone else asked me awhile back for writing credits, and all it says is "Written by The Point". This is a tough one! But I can't imagine she didn't record something else...

  6. Yeah she has a great voice, I wouldn't be too surprised if she did record something else.

    I've tried looking up Christopher Little and ended up with J.K Rowling's publisher. So unless he's made a major change in career, we can probbaly assume it isn't him. Mind you wierder things have happened in music...

    There was that CD that the two did with another group or helped to do it with. Perhaps they might be the key?

    If I could get my hands on that interview they did, it would help a heck of a lot! Pity that was 1994...

    Apart from that, all I've got on them is a poster of them that is being sold on Ebay.

    Their label must have been really bad!

  7. The link to get the album The Point – Fingernoid Slink (1993) is no more available, let us know if it can be sended again, with big thanks for your great blog :)


  8. I will indeed repost when I can find the CD (I recently moved and everything is packed). Keep checking back!

  9. Just found on ebay that promo-Cds of Hey Jane exist :)

    Certainly explains why there's a video, which has been removed :(

  10. Consolecharlie/Dream101September 7, 2010 at 5:30 PM

    Hey Nasty G,
    Still searching for another copy of the Hey Jane video but having nada luck here :(

    Just bought copies of the Hey Jane and Real Thing singles though, which I'm chuffed about!

    Just a little snippet of info I found, "Dance Is The Nu Sex" managed to squeeze into the UK charts in February 1994 at #94.

  11. Different George Martin on guitar!

  12. I met Sybil at her studio where I bought my first drum machine and Atari sequencer at the tender age of 17. She was really nice though completely other worldly, last I spoke to her (at least ten years ago) she was doing a bit of freelance journalism.

  13. Consolecharlie/Dream101January 27, 2011 at 6:01 PM

    Wow that's great to hear - I can imagine she would be otherworldly! :) - By any chance do you know her last name? I'm trying to track her down and find out what she's up to ^^

  14. I worked with The point for a few years, they are lovely people and had the best time, i think that was about `1997-99 yes she is far out indeed, no its not her real name, but she doesn't tell anyone what it really is. I have heard tons of other unrealised work which i thought was far better. When i was with them we worked on a lot Drum and Bass tracks. I was known as loopboy, Syb, if you read this, track me down dear. Aaron Owen Smith.

  15. Funny its almost a year since i was here last. I found some old demo tapes and have converted them to MP3
    Mail me aaronet AT if you want them, happy to mail them to you.

  16. I really like this CD. "Dance is the Nu Sex" got radio play here in New Mexico, and it was what prompted me to buy the CD. however, as soon as I heard the rest off the CD other songs from it, such as "Hey Jane," became fast favorites over and above "Dance..." I feel it has aged quite well.

    Thanks for the info!

  17. discogs list a 1981 7 inch vinyl : "right to the point". i'm looking,anyone have it?

    1. That song is not by the same The Point. I have corrected it on Discogs.

  18. delete this if it's too could she be electribe 101 ? similar house music.

  19. Would it be possible to re-up this one once more? I just listened to Hey Jane and the style reminded me somehow of early britpop Suede songs. Thanks and love your blog.

    1. It's been reupped, and glad you dig the blog! Enjoy! :)

  20. hello this is Sybil Syn. Thank you for your lovely comments. you can email me at