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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Aleesha Rome – Aleesha Rome (2000)

Aleesha Rome was an Australian pop singer obviously modeled to succeed Britney as pop royalty. Of course, as happened to almost every other pop tart pushed into Britney’s shadow, she was a resounding flop. I picked this album up for $1 and figured I’d give it a go. It’s OK, but pretty dated sounding IMO. Her voice is quite Britney-esque and the music is pure pop, without the faux R&B sound of early Britney. But Aleesha is less memorable in looks, voice and sound, and she failed to make an impact almost everywhere in the world (though she did manage minor success in her native Australia). The album does contain fun dance mixes of two of her singles, however – “Search My Heaven” and “One Of Us Has Changed”. And Aleesha has continued on in an indie-rock group called Ivy York. But for the full love on Aleesha, please visit our friends at Pop Trash Addicts, whose tribute I discovered while searching for info on the girl. Thankfully there are sites like this and theirs to keep the flame lit for these types of artists!

Video for Search My Heaven

Video for One Of Us Has Changed

Download Aleesha Rome

Search My Heaven
One Of Us Has Changed
If Only I Could Cry
Without You
I Didn't Have The Heart
Yours Truly
Do You Feel Me
3 Words
Hazy Days
Real World
Search My Heaven (Mont Blanc House Mix)
One Of Us Has Changed (Absolute Spirit Mix)


  1. Could you please post the writing credits for this album? I'd be really glad. Thanks in advance! :)

  2. Will post them once I locate the album. ;)

  3. OK, Nasty. Thank you so much! =]

    1. It appears someone beat me to it! I was going to add them on Discogs but someone just did a few hours ago!

  4. Hey! That's awesome! Thanks for searching for it. =]

  5. Hey, Nasty G. Can you please re-upload this album? Thank you so much in advance. Have a wonderful day!