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Friday, February 29, 2008

One Ton - Abnormal Pleasures (2002)

One Ton was a group of three friends living in Quebec who decided to create a pop album that was something a little different. Make that A LOT different. The album is a hodge podge of almost every music style - pop, electro, latin, hip hop, rock, world, gospel, reggae, jazz - you name it. It is pulled together by the exotic voice of lovely singer Zita. It's an interesting listen, if a very challenging one at times. It is actually a lot like fellow Quebec group Bran Van 3000, though One Ton had a lot less success. The dancey single "Supersexworld" was a 'hit' in Canada, but the term 'hit' is used loosely as Canadian charts are plenty and not one in particular seems the authority, unlike Billboard in the US. The splashy video also got heavy rotation on Muchmusic. But the following single and video, "Another Miracle", didn't fare nearly as well, and the group disbanded soon after. The album was likely too all over the place to appeal to a mass audience. The producer, now known as Cristo, has recently resurfaced with experimental electronic music - see his Myspace page for more. (And please note, track 15, "Nothing", is just a needle running in a record groove, so there is nothing wrong with the file! LOL But it certainly is a good indication of how odd this group was...)

Video for Supersexworld

Video for Another Minute

Download Abnormal Pleasures

La Fruita
My Heart Belongs To Daddy (Lolita)
Planet #9
Another Miracle
Let The Music Play
Tropical Paradise
Kiss Of Bliss
Paper Thin
I'm Still In Love With You
Dolphin Song
Tongue Stuck On The Sun
Bright Morning In Utopia
Ser Perfecto
La Sirena


  1. Thanks for this. It's good, although I suspect I would have enjoyed it more if each song was about 20% shorter. But I've been known to say the same regarding Pink Floyd.

  2. Hi, just wanted to see if you could re upload the One Ton album please, the link is broken. thanks

  3. Two computer deaths later, my copy of One Ton's Abnormal Pleasures is no more. Any chance of a re-up?