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Friday, February 29, 2008

B2Krazy - B2Krazy (2000)

B2Krazy (not to be confused with the US B2K) was a Canadian teen-pop group formed in Toronto. It consisted of two boy singers, Brett and Zael, one girl singer, Genevieve, a rapper, Revren, and Yahoo, their 'spiritual adviser'. They made fluffy pop music that fluctuated between house and R&B. Their first two singles, "Dream About You" and "Something To Say" were considered 'hits' in Canada, but as I've said before about Canadian charts, that distinction remains iffy. They were obviously formed to capitalize on the teen pop boom of the time, and they had a brief moment in the spotlight, due in part to their gimmick of having Yahoo appear with them in their videos and performances, apparently for no other reason than having some weird old guy in a teen pop band as a gimmick! LOL They soon faded from memory and went their own ways. According to their Wikipedia entry, Genevieve is in a pop cover band, Brett has embarked on a solo career (he has his own website as Bret Ryan), Revren is MIA, Zael is living on the streets (!!) and the whereabouts of Yahoo is mercifully unknown. Another example of the many diverse directions a brief pop career can go...

Video for Dream About You

Download B2Krazy

Yahoo Has Arrived (Intro)
Give It Up
Dream About You
Something To Say (Remix)
Flower Power
B2K Crazy
Alive & Kickin' (Remix)
See You Again
What To Do
I Can't Wait Forever
Something To Say
Dream About You (Club Remix)
Something To Say (French Kiss Remix)
Something To Say (French Kiss)


  1. THANK YOU. You have no idea how long I've been looking for this!

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    1. I have finally re-upped the album. ;)

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