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Friday, February 29, 2008

Pobi - Send Me An Angel (1993)

We're back to featuring another artist I know little about. I do know her full name is Tammy Pobi and from what I can gather she comes from Quebec. I first became aware of her when she appeared on Electric Circus, a dance music show that aired for some time on the Toronto channel CityTV and then on Muchmusic. Electric Circus was my gateway into the heaven that was dance music, and many artists performed 'live'. I was even captured on TV peering into the window to watch a performance a couple of times. Anyway, Pobi performed her amazing dance-pop song "Dance With Me", a track I still love. She released another single and video, "I Found The Way" the same year. I heard nothing more from her until five years later, when she released her remake of Real Life's hit "Send Me An Angel". Her version was a euro-house stomper, and she released an album that followed the same vein, with touches of electro as well. The songs are good, though the lyrics are sometimes a little embarrassing (see "That Boy Freud"). I don't know what happened to her after this album, but an internet search indicates she dated Mark Wahlberg in 1997! So even if her music career stalled, something very good came out of it!! ;)

For the singles of "Dance With Me" and "Send Me An Angel", go to my other blog HERE.

Send Me An Angel
You And Me
That Boy Freud
I Don't Wanna Play
Funky Romeo
Only You
Take Me Down
Move It Groove It
I Wanna Be


  1. I'm gonna go ahead and admit it...I've been listening to "That Boy Freud" on repeat. I'm in love.

  2. Hey, the link is dead; would u reupload it please?
    BTW , I really like ur blog ;)

  3. I bought the CD last year upon stumbling on some tracks a few years prior, and I'm

    I got a buddy into her. Her lyrics are a Sometimes I really wondered what inspired her. These songs, however, are freaking catchy. I felt like lifting weights or playing Streets of Rage.

    My top favorites: Funky Romeo, The Boy Freud, Take Me Down, and my very favorite, Strange.

  4. I bought the album last year after discovering some songs years prior, and it's one of my most prized possessions. I LOVE this album. If I could find a copy on vinyl (fat chance), I would frame it. I got a buddy into Pobi (especially with The Boy He went wtf to the lyrics, but said it was so catchy that it made it better)

    I think, as much as I love the songs, Strange is my favorite one. The lyrics are pretty, um....weird is putting it Sometimes I really wondered how she went about writing these lyrics. Especially The Boy Freud. Then you have some songs like Take Me Down (you don't like the music/you don't wanna dance/I'm just glad I have you/just for the romance) where I actually kind of like how she writes her lyrics (and sings them, especially on Strange). It's cheesy, but it feels like it stands out and makes you scratch your head.

    This album is 90s gold. It's our Funky Romeo.

  5. Since the days of "Send Me An Angel", Tammy has worked on a number of unreleased projects (including a couple of mine) with a couple of different labels and managers. Nowadays she's married with kids and lives just outside Montreal.

    best wishes
    Richard Citroen

  6. I knew Tammy at John Abbott, she is awesome. Her voice made my heart skip a beat. She’d sing to me in her car to the radio. I miss her so.