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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Kostars - Klassics With A "K" (1995)

Kostars was a side project by two of the talented ladies of one of my fave bands, Luscious Jackson. Jill Cunniff and Vivian Trimble obviously wanted to explore music that was not quite as hip hop as Luscious Jackson, and they banded together to release this album of pop tunes. It was released on the Beastie Boys' Grand Royal label with little fanfare. But it's a sweet little example of simple pop music, with spare arrangements and beautiful harmonies. The song "Don't Know Why" with weird brother duo Ween is such a beautiful, longing pop tune, perfect in my opinion. Of course, Trimble would leave Luscious Jackson soon after and, perhaps influenced by the freedom of this foray, would form the even more fantastic duo Dusty Trails with Josephine Wiggs from The Breeders. That album is up next. Luscious Jackson was fabulous, and these side projects show just how talented and versatile these ladies were.

Video for Red Umbrella

Download Klassics With A "K"

Never So Lonely
Red Umbrella
Jolene On The Freeway
One Sunny Day
Hey Cowboy
Mama Never Said
Don't Know Why
French Kiss


  1. Please re-post this marvelous album file , it's inactive in all servers!!!!


  2. Actually, the Megaupload link still works. ;)

  3. I'd like to put in my request for this album (Kostars - Klassics with a "K"). Hard drive crash, original CD nowhere to be found :(

  4. Any chance of re-uploading, please? All the existing links are dead.

  5. Got it, thanks very much :)

  6. Please re-upload if you're still active. I can't find this anywhere! I'd love you forever!

  7. Thanks a million for this! I got a DUSTY TRAILS CD for $1 in a thrift store (because Emmylou Harris is on it) and that lead me to Kostars! It's great! Thank you so much! - Stinky