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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dusty Trails - Dusty Trails (2000)

As promised, here is the one and only album from Dusty Trails, a duo comprised of Vivian Trimble from Luscious Jackson and Josephine Wiggs from The Breeders. If you like those bands you'll love this, though be forewarned - this is nothing like either of those groups. The group name is perfect, as this is music that you would listen to while traveling across the desert, leaving sand and memories in your wake. It has a lilting, melancholy vibe, with hints of Serge Gainsbourg. This could be called coffee shop music, but in the best way, not Starbucks but some independent little corner shop, sitting in the sun on the patio and smoking a cigarette. In fact, there is a song on here just for that moment, "Order Coffee", with a haunting vocal by the one and only Emmylou Harris (who seems to have taken a liking to the Luscious Jackson ladies, having worked on their albums and side projects and also had them appear on her own work). And all of the ladies of Luscious Jackson make appearances on here as well. I challenge you to try to resist this album and it's pure beauty. Too bad these projects were one offs by these ladies, as I would have loved to have heard a follow-up to this brilliant album.

Download Dusty Trails

Pearls On A String
You Freed Yourself
Spy In The Lounge
Est-Ce Que Tu
Roll The Dice
Unhand Me You Wretch
They May Call Me A Dreamer
Fool For A Country Tune
Regrets In Bordertown
Order Coffee
Conga Style
Caught In A Dream
Dusty Trails Theme


  1. Thanks for this! Not an easy record to track down. Looking forward to hearing it...

  2. indeed - very tough to find; greatly appreciated, looking fwd to hearing it as I love honey tongue and JW's solo work. Now to track down the Ladies Who Lunch 7"s =)


  3. Any chance of re-uploading, please? All the existing links are dead.

  4. Got it, thanks very much :)

  5. THANKS! Great sound

  6. I would love and appreciate a re-up! Great site, will share on facebook, thanks for your work!

    1. It has been reupped. And thanks! :)

  7. thanks man, great album i hadn't listened to for years!

  8. Hi, the link is down :( can you re-up the file please? Thanks! :)