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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Teen Dream - Let's Get Busy (1987) & Games (1989) DOUBLE POST!!

Thanks to the suggestion of my beloved Bunny over at Milk Carton Pop Stars, I give you Teen Dream. He did a feature on them there and thought I might like to share their music here for all of you to enjoy. And right he was! These are the first of a few albums I'm posting by artists featured there, thanks to overwhelming request. It's great '80s pop-R&B, fun and definitely danceable, thanks in part to producers like former Prince cohort Brownmark. Lisa, Nikki & Terri formed in Columbus, Ohio, and, after hooking up with producer Chris Powell, they  were signed to Warner Bros. Records.  They had modest success with their singles - "Let's Get Busy" just missed the top 40 on the Billboard R&B chart, "Slip Slide" just missed the top 20 on the Billboard dance chart, and "Toy" entered the lower regions of the R&B chart as well.  But the album generated little heat, and they were dropped from Warner Bros..  Lead singer Terri left the group, but Chris Powell insisted on keeping the group going, recruiting two new girls to replace her and getting them signed to an indie label in Alabama, Muscle Shoals Sound Records.  They released their second album two year later and two singles, the title track "Games" and a funky remake of the Anita Ward disco hit "Ring My Bell".  But the label clearly could not promote the girls properly and the hits and group dried up.  While the whereabouts of the other girls remain unknown (thanks mostly to the fact that their last names weren't published), Terri Whitlow did create a Myspace page in 2009 with some samples of new music and was rumoured to be making a solo album.  That album has yet to see the light of day, but should you be curious, you could always write Terry on Twitter and ask her what's up. ;)

Video for Let's Get Busy

Download Let's Get Busy

Let's Get Busy
Blown Away
I Hear Talk
Without You
Puppy Love

Download Games

1 Take Your Time
2 Sunshine
3 Hard To Get
4 All My Love
5 Ring My Bell (Vocal And Drums)
6 Games
7 Gimme Your Love
8 When You Find A Love
9 Keep It Funky
10 Ring My Bell


  1. Thanks for all the free advertising! LOL! I'm just glad someone else out there appreciates these forgotten pop acts as much as I do :P

    hopefully someone can tell us what these ladies are up to.

  2. My pleasure, as always. I may put Tara Kemp up one day too, though she dared to have TWO hits, which disqualifies her here for now. LOL

  3. I downloaded this ages ago but forgot to return to say thanks.Where ARE my manners ?!

    I'd never heard any of this groups songs,but I love 'I Hear Talk' by Bucks Fizz ,so was curious to hear Teen Dream when they were mentioned on a Bucks Fizz forum.

    I'm curious no more.Teen Dream are amazing ! This album is fabulous.10/10 .Hurrah !

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou.

  4. I've found the music video for oen of their songs Nasty G - Let's Get Busy :D

  5. I've added it to the post. THANKS!!

  6. Found out a nice piece of info thanks to the wonders of Youtube, just gonna go speak to the man to get some more info :D

    "Well i can tell you that teen dream is no longer a group. the lead in the group is my aunt and she is now signed to warner bros and her solo album is in the process of being made now.""

    He's referring to Terri, who I believe is the member that stayed on for the two albums :D

  7. Wow! Still recording? Awesome!

  8. Still recording and a MySpace page, always a good sign lol

    So her name is Terri Whitlow, certainly makes it easier to find her now she has a last name lol :)

    She still sounds the same as she did when she was 16 but that's brilliant :D

  9. Is there another link to download this? The current one doesn't work, and I love this group! I have this on vinyl, but would love to have it on my ipod.

  10. OK, I've re-upped the album for you. ;)

  11. can you reupload this one. I previewed the songs on YouTube. some good stuff right here ;)

    1. Tia Stewart was the lead singer that came on the scene for Ring My Bell. Tia s career continued after this group she had sucess singing back up for many years with the late great Gerald Levert!! Also, sometime with Jonny Gill. Tia, continues using her great voice singing around many venues here in Columbus, Ohio. Check her out on facebook.

  12. Can you re-up both albums please?

  13. File has expired and does not exist anymore on this server