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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sequal - Sequal (1988)

By popular demand, here is the one and only album by Sequal. As mentioned in the earlier post for Maria Christensen's solo album, Sequal was a freestyle duo comprised of Maria and Angie Vollaro. The ladies were brought together by producer Lewis Martineé. They were named Sequal as they were considered the sequel to Martineé's first female group Exposé (actually, more the sequel to that group's first line-up, when they were known as X-Posed). The ladies were given the best freestyle and pop producers of the day to work with on their album including Martineé, Mantronik, Justin Strauss and even Stock, Aitken and Waterman (on the brilliant "Tell Him I Called"). The album is exciting from beginning to end (and the song "Let It Go", a hit for Luba in Canada, is only available on the CD. Also of note is "Why Can't We Be Lovers", which Joy Winter remade on her album, also posted on this site, with the ladies doing back-up). They released many singles that all became huge in the dance clubs, but none ever hit the higher reaches of the pop charts. They broke up and the rest of the story can be found on my Maria Christensen and 3rd Party posts. But thanks to Consolecharlie aka Dream101, I discovered that they have a fresh new myspace page, and further exploration reveals a recent one-hour internet radio interview with the ladies that covers their entire career from the beginning to now. It is fascinating, especially for this blog, to hear the history of a group on the fringes of popularity. They discuss their formation, their break-up and artists they have known and worked with. And best of all, they reveal that they're back together! The trash pop world makes a collective cheer of joy!

Here is the recent radio interview with Culture Klash.

Video for I'm Over You

Download Sequal

Tell Him I Called
Tell The Truth
I'm Over You
Could've Had My Love
Why Can't We Be Lovers
Let It Go
Took Another Chance
Brand New Love
Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
She Don't Want You
It's Not Too Late


  1. Nasty G I love you! Thank you so much!!! You have made my week! :D

  2. My pleasure, as always. You deserve it for all your help!! Enjoy! (I was shocked to see I had the MP3s, actually. LOL)

  3. LOL, a ver nice surprise (Loving I'm Over You :D)

    Hope they send news soon (Sent them a comment on their MySpace) through a nice reply :D


    G, you've made my day once again.

    DAMN this album is hot!

  5. I've had the CD for some years now, and still love it. Good for your sharing it with others.

  6. Little extra update for you - I just checked a new interview they did with FreestyleTV and they're making an album and collaborating with Lewis Martinee! It's gonna be released in winter :D

    It's on their MySpace page so have a look :D

  7. I first heard Sequal on The Best of the Hit Factory Vol. 2, which had the Watermix of "Tell Him I Called." I always liked that song and wondered why I never heard anything else by them. It's sad how many artists and recordings just slip away.

  8. hey ,can you please re-upoad this album just found out about them and love the songs :D