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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cree Summer - Street Faerie (1999)

Keeping with the Lenny Kravitz-as-producer theme, I present Cree Summer's one and only major label album, thus far. Lenny went to work on this one, with an even trippier and funkier vibe than on Vanessa Paradis' album. Cree of course was one of the stars of Cosby Show spin-off A Different World. Like fellow Different World-ers Debbie Allen (whose album is featured a few posts back) and Jasmine Guy (whose one album can be found on the Screw Music blog in my links), Cree embarked on a singing career, with co-star and friend Lisa Bonet's ex-husband at the helm. Unlike Debbie and Jasmine, Cree chose a rockier and less mainstream vibe for her album, which was fitting of her Different World character. She was the multicultural hippy chick, and she worked it to brilliant effect on this album. It is fantastic, and lead-off single "Revelation Sunshine" is one of my fave songs ever. This album is a pleasant surprise. Enjoy, and pray she gets back into the recording studio.

**UPDATE - Thanks to the fabulous Bomitoni, I discovered that Cree was once in a rock group called Subject To Change in the early 1990s, who released one album in 1993. For more info, look HERE. She rerecorded the song "Soul Sister" from it for her solo album. Thanks to GiDelGi, you can listen to their album, Womb Amnesia, in it's entirety on Soundcloud.

Download Street Faerie

Revelation Sunshine
Miss Moon
Still Heart
Deliciously Down
Mean Sleep
Life Goes On
Angry Boy
Sweet Pain
Smooth My Heart
Soul Sister
Curious White Boy


  1. This is one of my favorite albums of all time. Too bad she never did a follow up, though she supposedly had signed to Dream Works after Sony dropped her. She did a new song not too long ago for a film soundtrack I believe, there was even a video. It was called 'Savior Self', here is the link:

  2. Have I told you lately how much I love this place? Cree is all kinds of fabulous!

  3. I have worked with her- she's unbelievably talented!

    Did you know she voices several characters on Cartoon Network including Numbuh 5 from the show "Codename kids Next Door"?

  4. I actually found this one at a Goodwill store a year ago and had to buy it up before someone else got it. It's a great CD. I also downloaded the Subject to Change album from the same site but I notice that I always seem to have trouble with it on my MP3 player (Bad or broken ID3 tags were the culprit, I believe), I don't know what's up with that.

  5. The zSHARE link for the Subject to Change album no longer works. Re-up anyone?

    1. Sorry, I no longer have the files for that album. Hopefully someone else can help. ;)

    2. Thankfully, someone else did, and now I can!

      It's on my SoundCloud at

    3. Thanks! I've updated the post with a link to your page. ;)

  6. And she has great cover of "Savior Self" with a near-perfect video to match.