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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rollergirl - Now I'm Singin'...And The Party Keeps On Rollin' (1999)

Armed with a girlish voice and Pamela Anderson looks, German chanteuse Rollergirl (real name Nicole Saft aka Nicci Juice) burst onto the dance charts with her euro-trance remake of Madonna's "Dear Jessie". She followed up this dance chart success with this album, her only full length album to date. It is produced by her husband, Alex Christensen, who was best known as eurohouse and techno act U96, and was also the producer of Marky Mark's failed dabblings in euro-house. The entire album follows the example of her debut release, upbeat euro-pop-trance. Her second single was also a remake, this time of Sunscreem's "Luv U More". It also found success on the German dance charts. But Rollergirl's appeal didn't seem to translate well to the world outside of Europe (the album wasn't even released in North America). She released more singles (like a cover of The Bangles' "Eternal Flame", which appeared on a rerelease of this album, "Superstar" and "Geisha Dreams") but none hit outside of her native land. Really, she was more admired for her body than her body of work. (And someone who has posed semi-nude and whose stage name is taken from Heather Graham's porn starlet character in the movie Boogie Nights likely expected as much.) She hasn't recorded anything recently as she has been living the life of a mom, but I wouldn't be surprised if she rolled back into the poplight in the future.

Video for Dear Jessie

Video for Love U More

Download Now I'm Singin'...And The Party Keeps On Rollin'

1. Introducing Theme
2. Make My Day (Now You Know...)
3. You Make Me Feel Like Dancin
4. Luv U More
5. Now It's The Time
6. Olé Olé Singin Olé Ola
7. It's A Fine Day
8. I Keep On Rollin'
9. Dear Jessie
10. Rollergirl
11. Licht Und Farben
12. Goodbye Outro
13. Luv U More [Green Court Rmx]
14. Dear Jessie [Mark' Oh Rmx]

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