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Friday, March 28, 2008

Deborah Blando - A Different Story (1991)

The lovely Deborah Blando, born in Italy and raised in Brazil, began her music career very young, recording an album in Italian as Giovanna at 11 years old. The following years saw her performing on stage in musicals and various other performances throughout Brazil until, one fateful day, she met Cyndi Lauper during her Brazilian tour, and her boyfriend/manager David Wolff, who convinced Deborah to sign to Epic Records and record what was to be her only English language album (thus far). She hooked up with one of Cyndi's producers, Eric Thorngren (with assistance from funky duo Andres Levin & Camus Celli) and recorded a pop album in the vein of the works of Cyndi, with a splash of Madonna and occasional Brazilian flair. The first single "Boy (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue)" was a pretty substantial hit - everywhere but North America, apparently, which was the audience the album was geared for. Other singles were released from the album - "Innocence", "Shame" and "Decadence Avec Elegance" - but all to diminishing success. (On an interesting sidenote, the song "Blue Eyes Are Sensitive To The Light" was co-written and originally recorded by Martika for a soundtrack, but the label didn't like her vocals and had someone else record it!) Deborah had further success in Europe working with the group B-Tribe, recorded a duet with Ronan Keating, and has since had great success in Brazil, having recorded several albums in Brazilian and Italian (now minus the 'h' in her first name). The samples I've heard from her website are quite good!

Video for Boy (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue)

Video for Innocence

Video for Decadence Avec Elegance

Download A Different Story

Boy (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue)
Other People's Houses
Decadance Avec Elegance
Blue Eyes Are Sensitive To The Light
Brasil / Aquarela Do Brasil
Walk On Fire


  1. please put on a different link thank you

  2. She released a new album in english this year, called 'In Your Eyes'. A very good pop album. I believe that the physical edition was only released in Brazil, but if you are interested in hearing it and not find download link, I can send you the songs :)

  3. Can you reupload the album? Thank you!