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Friday, March 28, 2008

Infini-T - Lethal (2001)

Infini-T released their first (and last) all English-language pop album the same year as Untamed and Sugar Jones. They had released another mostly French-language album the year before, 2000...a l'Infini, to some success in Quebec. As a result, these ladies, consisting of Kat (aka Katia Di Perna), Sylver (aka Sylvana White) and Lee (aka ?) were older and more experienced than their peers, and their look was edgier. But the music was once again on the verge of being outdated, with that Britney/Backstreet Boys sound. This is surprising, considering that the majority of the album was co-produced by the man responsible for the music of 2 Unlimited, Phil Wilde. One would have expected something a little different. The videos for the singles "Right Now" and "Never Play Myself" got some play on Muchmusic (no doubt once again due to the enforced Canadian content rule), but they weren't exactly breakout hits. And like most of the other girl-pop groups of the time, the ladies split up and went their separate ways. Both Katia and Sylvana continued to pursue music (Katia has her own website and Sylvana has a Myspace page), and I assume the mysterious Lee did as well. There is still a website for the group on the internet, if you're interested, though it has obviously not been updated for years.

Video for Never Play Myself

Video for Right Now

Download Lethal

This Time
Never Play Myself
Right Now!
Don't Blame The Rain
If You Still Want Me To
Keep On Keep On
I'll Promise You Everything
Let's Groove It
Come Back 2 Me
If U Believe
Love Thang

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