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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Abigail - Feel Good (1994)

Abigail was the reigning queen of HiNRG/eurohouse by the time her first album was released. She topped the dance charts with several uptempo remakes of songs that most people couldn't imagine as dance songs: Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit", k.d lang's "Constant Craving" and REM's "Losing My Religion (though Rozalla also did a dance version of that song). Her album contained even more remakes, like Tanita Tikaram's "Twist In My Sobriety" (also remade into a dance version by Liza Minnelli) and Donna Summer's Barry Manilow-written "Could It Be Magic". But the album also included hot original dance tracks, like the 'hit' "Don't You Wanna Know" and "Stop The Hands Of Time". The songs were produced by one of HiNRG's premiere producers, Ian Anthony Stevens, so Abigail's music was ensured a big gay fan base. :) But, this being dance music, Abigail didn't achieve much success on the pop charts, though she and the album did win dance music awards. She released a few singles that also became dance hits in the following years but otherwise kept a low profile. She re-emerged with a new album on an independent label in 2005 entitled Home...Again, released under her full name Abigail Zsiga. She left dance music behind, instead focusing on her passion for songwriting and acoustic, pop rock music. She did tickle the dance floor a year later, however, with featured vocals on the house song "Lay Down" by 10 Monkeys. Luckily the lady stays true to her audience while exploring different musical genres.

Video for Smells Like Teen Spirit

Video for Don't You Wanna Know

Download Feel Good

Smells Like Teen Spirit (The Guitar Vocal Radio Version)
Constant Craving
Don't You Wanna Know?
How Can You Call It Love?
Losing My Religion
Feel Good
Stop The Hands Of Time
Twist In My Sobriety
Don't Tell Me Why
What Goes Around Comes Around
Could It Be Magic
Smells Like Teen Spirit (Original Version)


  1. Great post! I had no idea this chick had any other songs besides "Don't You Wanna Know," which has gotten serious airplay on my radio show. Great tune!

    Thanks much for this post! You've opened my eyes once again!

  2. Abigail had a Top 30 hit in the Uk with Smells Like Teen Spirit. Is she allowed on this blog or does she need to be a few places higher?

    P.S - I ain't complaining if she stays up, she seems super! :D

  3. Oh, she can stay up. Top 10 in the UK may disqualify her, but not only top 30. And my guidelines for inclusion are really more based on North American success, though they would also likely be excluded if they had more than one top 20 in the UK. ;)

  4. She has two number one(#1) BILLBOARD CHART dance hits under her belt as well as various other top ten's to boot. If your interested go to for more information.

  5. Oh, I know she had many dance hits on Billboard and elsewhere, as I mention. It's just she failed to crack the Billboard Pop Charts, which was my main focus here. ;)

  6. Sometimes music only comes alive when it's forgotten. Like this.

    Thanks for...spreading the life.

  7. Her Album Home Again is really good, have you heard it?

  8. originals haven't dated as much as those covers .

  9. I'm searching for a digital copy of Don't you wanna Know. My CD is gone and my ipod file has crashed with my computer.

  10. I remember her songs and would love to hear her again. Could you please repost? Many thanks.

  11. Could you please repost? Many thanks!