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Saturday, April 5, 2008

S.O.A.P. - S.O.A.P. (1998) & Miracle (2000) DOUBLE POST!!

S.O.A.P. were Danish sisters Heidi (born Suriyatim) & Saseline Sørensen. After releasing their debut album, Not Like Other Girls, in their native Denmark and achieving local success, they were chosen by Mariah Carey to be on her short-lived vanity label Crave. The teen pop scene was booming, and obviously Mariah (or more likely her 'people') thought S.O.A.P. were the next big thing. They released the album in North America with only the group's name as the title. The first single "This Is How We Party" made it onto the Billboard charts, but only to number 51. They also toured NA with the Backstreet Boys. But thanks to label turmoil and changing public tastes, no other single was released in NA, though "Ladidi Ladida" and "Stand By You" (also recorded by S Club 7) were released in Europe. Again, it's a huge shame that this group did not make it big, as this is one of my fave pop albums ever. The melodies are pop perfection, and the girls harmonies are gorgeous. There are excellent dance numbers, a la fellow Danes Aqua, and the ballads are fantastic (and I'm not usually a fan of ballads). Every song on the album is perfect, IMO, and I was so sad nothing more was released by the girls in North America. They released a follow-up album in 2000, Miracle, but only in Europe, and it fared OK, but not near as well as their debut, with only the first single "S.O.A.P. Is In The Air" hitting the Danish and Swedish charts.. They have recorded nothing together since, though there was talk that Saseline, now known as Line, was recording a solo album. She also hosted a dance music show in Denmark titled Boogie, and models and has a make-up line called Sasé. And I can find nothing solid on Heidi (though there is a former Playboy model and a Norwegian politician who have the same name and much more internet presence). I so wish these ladies would get back together and make my pop fantasies come true once again!

UPDATE: Saseline did indeed finally release her solo album Restart in 2010 as well as the singles "Best Friend" and "I Hate To Say It", which have all done fairly well in her homeland. Her style is still fun dance pop, thankfully. Check out her Facebook page. And Heidi, under the name Suriya, released the fun pop-rock tune and video "My Desire" in 2007, appeared as a featured vocalist in 2009 on the song "Yeah That's Me" by Lexicon Saints and is currently working on her solo album. Check out her Myspace page.

Video for This Is How We Party

Video for Ladidi Ladida

Video for Not Like Other Girls

Download S.O.A.P. 

Stand By You
This Is How We Party
Romeo & Juliet
Not Like Other Girls
Who Can I Talk To
Simon Says
Ladidi Ladida
Deep In My Heart
Live Forever

Video for S.O.A.P. Is In The Air

Download Miracle

1 S.O.A.P Is In The Air
2 We Are The Good
3 Mr. DJ
4 One Love Only
5 Welcome To My Party
6 Like A Stone (In The Water)
7 Abracadabra
8 Give It All You Got
9 Smile At Me
10 Good 2 Me
11 I Wanna Go Back


  1. Excellent! I loved Dowuchalike. They had some success in Australia too.

  2. OMG! I still listen to this album regularly. Pop perfection!
    Live Forever, Wishing, Romeo and Juliet & Dowutchalike are AMAZING, and obviously the first 3 singles were as well!!!
    This Is How We Party & Ladidi Ladida were massive top 10 hits here in Australia as well :)
    Loved the 2 singles from Miracle as well :)

  3. Deep in my Heart is my favorite. Often (wrongly) credited to Britney Spears for whatever reason.

  4. Ladidi Ladida is 1 of their excellent songs among others of theirs.
    Try Upper West's LaDiDa as well.
    Excellent as well.


  5. Awesome blog you have here. Any chance of re-uploading the albums please?

  6. the links are all died,will you fixed it.

  7. any chance of these being reupped again? lol
    (youre doing gods work btw)