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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Grace - If I Could Fly (1996)

Hey all! I'm back, finally! Though I don't yet have my CDs unpacked, I did dig around in one box and found a few gems for you. First up, Grace. Grace was a trio comprised of super-producers Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne and jazz singer Dominique Atkins. They were originally known as State Of Grace, but they shortened the name and Dominique largely and erroneously became known as a solo artist named Grace. The music is exactly what you'd expect from Oakenfold and Osborne - trance, drum n' bass and progressive house. They were quite successful in the UK and Europe, but trance music never translated well in North America and they went largely unnoticed here. They disbanded after this album and went on to other projects, with Oakenfold garnering the most acclaim for his solo albums that featured guest vocalists like Nelly Furtado, Perry Farrell, Pharrell and even actress Brittany Murphy on the brilliant "Faster Kill Pussycat". They released several songs off the album, their biggest 'hit' being "Not Over Yet", which went to number one on the Billboard dance charts. That track was even covered (fantastically IMO) and released as a single by critical darlings Klaxons. Obviously Oakenfold and Osborne have continued to successfully churn out dance music, and Dominique has appeared on several other dance tracks while also pursuing her first love, jazz music.

Video for Not Over Yet

Video for Hand In Hand

Video for Skin On Skin

Video for I Want To Live

Video for Down To Earth

Video for If I Could Fly

Download If I Could Fly

Not Over Yet
Down To Earth
If I Could Fly
One Day
You Don't Know
Hand In Hand
Love Songs
Don't Call Me (You're Not Mine)
Skin On Skin
I Want To Live


  1. I just wanted to say thanks so much for sharing! I didn't even know that there IS an album and it's a suprise that it's such a great one :) And I think that the tracks have aged well, unlike other stuff from the mid-90's. Though it sure makes you feel old when you realize that you even watched the clip back, when MTV was still actually showing them *lol*

  2. I actually bought this CD when it was released in the UK. IMO its a classic. Encompassing all the current dance styles popular at the time (synthpop, vocal trance, jungle, breakbeat and progressive!) while still being a solid and cohesive work, downloading this one is a no brainer.

    As always a great site. keep up the great work!

  3. questo bello album canzonas molto cappolavoro! ciao!

  4. Re up still possible on this?