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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jessy Moss - Street Knuckles (2003)

Next up, Jessy Moss. Jessy had 'Next Big Thing' written all over her. Born in England, raised in Australia and discovered in the US, she was signed to Dreamworks, who put a lot of advance hype on her debut album. She became a critical darling as a result. Her talents lied in a combination of singing and rapping, a rarity for a British white girl. She was no doubt seen as the female equivalent of acts like The Streets and Just Jack. Her music was based heavily in hip hop, but with a more trip-hoppy vibe. And the lady made it work. Unfortunately the album didn't get a proper release, likely due to Dreamworks' unexpected lack of success as a label. Her track "Telling You Now" appeared on soundtracks like D.E.B.S. and Win A Date With Tad Hamilton, however, and she worked with groups like Cypress Hill, so her name did get around. After Dreamworks' dissolution, Jessy decided to go independent and has released two more albums, Fast And Cheap in 2005 and Down At The Disco in 2006, as well as three EPs - Polyamorous in 2005, Shutup! & Dance in 2011, and Hold On in 2013.  She has evolved as an artist, still combining singing and rapping, but expanding her musical palette to include punk, rock, reggae, electro, pop and dance, most notably on the track "Sugar" from Fast And Cheap, which became a dance hit thanks to a remix by Armand Van Helden, who also included the track on his album Nympho. I strongly suggest you go to CD Baby and buy her independent work. It seriously rocks, and you just never know what to expect from this lady. I only hope she gets signed to another major label so the world at large can appreciate her genius!

Video for Telling You Now

Download Street Knuckles

Build You Up
Pick A Card
Telling You Now
Owed A Living
Thanks For The Pictures
The Baddest
I'll Manage


  1. Love your blog, found some real gems here that I've not heard since I was a teenager back in the 80's! Any chance of a re-up for Jessy Moss at all? Intregued to hear her stuff :)

    Thanks in advance!